Your content marketing strategy 2019 should be a priority while the holidays are rapidly approaching us.

Content marketing in the coming year will see unprecedented interest, growth and involvement within the business world, as well as with entrepreneurs who need to get their message in front of the right decision makers.

Content marketing is coming into its own as more and more companies realize that with the advent of Google’s Panda to filter out bad content, as well as their release of Hummingbird this year to add contextual search capabilities, one is now forced to create original and engaging content.

Of course, these changes has the typical “SEO guru” freaking out, as keyword stuffing and automated article writing is being penalized by Google. But more importantly, people want and seek great content. By necessity, online marketers is coming to the realization that they will need to buckle down and learn how to create engaging content that is worthy of being viewed or read, and more importantly, being shared.

Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy 2019

In a recent article at, Tim Asimos writes,

“We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in how companies approach marketing and content marketing is at the center of that revolution. And while some of us have been a part of the content marketing movement for some time, content marketing has still not reached mainstream status — at least not in the true sense of the term. Misconceptions still exist in the marketing community at large about what content marketing really is. And many companies have failed to put together a true strategic foundation for their content marketing programs.

“Nevertheless, in 2019 there will be a greater awareness of content marketing at the executive level and more pressure on marketers to not just create content, but establish strategic, sustained and measurable content marketing programs.”

What Really Is “Content Marketing”?

“Content Marketingprovides consumers with useful information to aid purchase decisions, improve product usage and entertain them while achieving organizational goals without being overtly promotional. Content marketing’s major attributes are:

1. Embodies an organization’s core brand elements.
2. Uses a variety of media formats such as text, video, photographs, audio, presentations, eBooks and infographics to tell your brand or company’s story.
3. Can be read on a variety of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and others.
4. Is distributed via owned, third party and social media platforms.
5. Provides measurable results through the use of appropriate calls-to-action and promotional codes.” – Heidi Cohen

What’s In Your Content?

The key to developing a profitable content strategy for 2019 will involve some homework and preparation. And these two points – homework (research) and preparation (planning) is where most brands and entrepreneurs fall down.

Success Begins With Research & Planning

Market research is crucial to building sustainable and successful marketing. There are many tools that are available, such as emailed surveys, researching industry trends, as well as putting together focus groups for your target audience. Market research is how one discovers what is needed and desired by your target audience, as well as how they go about finding the content that they are seeking.

Planning is itself a key point, but when your marketing plan is based on solid research, you now have the foundation for a winning marketing plan that will generate solid, coordinated and on-point content for the long haul.

Contextual Content: Answering Questions

When Google rolled out Hummingbird in 2013, this represented a major shift in how content will be found online. The good news is that contextual search will highly benefit the brands and entrepreneurs who openly embrace and actively engage in content marketing correctly and creatively. Since content marketing is still a weak point and a blind spot for the vast majority of brands, for those who do learn how to develop their content rapidly and smartly, will be rewarded amply.

By answering questions, providing insight and sharing know-how, your content will be more likely to be found and shared with these new updates and changes from Google.

The other benefit to great content is that is “evergreen.” Your blog articles, YouTube videos, FAQ page, case studies, positive reviews and other key content, can be found for years to come. This “evergreen” effect will accumulate over time, building up more and more channels and opportunities for potential clientele and followers to find and engage with your brand.

Plan The Work, Work The Plan

Your success with content marketing will require hard work, dedication and persistence. This is true of any endeavor in life or in business. By following some of the points above, you will have a successful 2019 that brings greater success and prosperity.

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