Today I am getting on my virtual soap box and going to deliver a online sermon. Let’s pretend that we are all in a big tent and we are here for the purpose to revive the essence of a good marketing plan – Being possessed with the spirit of enthusiasm. For all those do not know, the word Enthusiasm is derived the from the Greek word, Entheos, which means, “filled with God.” In other words, you have to work with a level of commitment which can only be understood by those who know that actual joy in life comes from working your you-know-what off with the pure pleasure of engaging in that activity for its own sake.

To those who are in business because they love it and can’t wait to do a great job, marketing is a fulfilling and important aspect of their lives. Marketing, selling, closing the deal, moving more product or service into the hands of great clients is a rush comparable to very little in the material world. On the other side of the coin, I have found that those who find sales and marketing onerous or objectionable to their persona are less charismatic. Typically, they either do not like to work that hard or have a diffidence about people, living an average life filled with little adventure, only looking for a quiet night at home or a stifling salary because it is safer. As American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau once famously said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” To those who adventure in marketing, they get to sing their heart-song while they are still alive.

I’ve read many blog articles each and every day. And majority of them instruct us on what to perform mechanically. In other words, how to do this, where to put that, why we must link this, and on and on. But when it comes to developing a marketing plan there has to be the precursor to all great achievements in marketing: Soul!

But recently, I have come across a few fellow bloggers who have used words like “obsessed”, “driven” and “commitment”. And factually, they have all been striking at the essence of great marketing. Because only someone so possessed with Enthusiasm can overcome the adversity inherit in executing a marketing plan, as well as adapting and adopting new methods and pathways to achieving your marketing and sales objectives.

When I coach someone on marketing, I can tell if they are on their way to the grave, as Mr. Thoreau so aptly observed. To them sales and marketing is a problem, something that they do not want to do or have to force themselves to engage in. And I have seen those that get truly become excited about it and they too have a high level of enthusiasm. That is because marketing is about COMMUNICATION and EXCHANGING, by traditional definitions. Both of these are indicators of who we are, how we live and how much life we endow into other people and objects. Like our business.

Mechanical aspects always go easier and more successfully to those who are enthusiastic. Like a child who does not want to leave, they become heavier to carry. And so it is with a business owner who resists the functionality and necessity of effective sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Here is a great motivational video from New York Times best-selling author and sales expert, Grant Cardone.

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