A major factor crippling your entrepreneurial mindset is false information. In fact, is is toxic. To make the matter more insidious, these toxic ideas are very often held unsuspectingly as operating principles on how one conducts business and handle finances.

One need not look any further to our U.S. Government for an all too painful example. Yet, our government leaders have either attended and/or are counseled by graduates from the some of the most prestigious universities in our nation. So this toxic problem is not crippling Academia, but are also fostered and actively promoted by these same highly-esteemed institutions.

Your Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Geared For Success

One of the best books that I have ever read about the mind is Self Analysis, by best-selling author, Mr. Hubbard. Your mind is geared solely to resolve problems so that you survive well – that’s it. But as you will discover in this fascinating read, the mind can become toxic with false and arbitrary conclusions, impressed into the mind through pain and loss. As we grow older, we become more accustomed to the false concepts and our outlook and attitude towards life eventually diminishes.

The Sources Of Toxins For The Entrepreneur

One of the most effective means of passing germs is by breathing the same air or by touching someone who is contagious. And like a virus, false ideas and conclusions are spread through the same means. Through the people we touch and come into contact with in our lives, personally and in business, we are potentially exposed to their false ideas and conclusions. Unsuspectingly, our own entrepreneurial mindset can become infected with defeatism, false ideas that are unworkable, and otherwise ineffective techniques that render bad or no results.

The common sources for this type of toxic, false information are:

  • Academia
  • “Experts”
  • The government
  • Media
  • Financial institutions
  • Trends from celebrities
  • Your boss
  • Business contacts
  • Parents
  • Friends

The Toxic Test For The Entrepreneurial Mindset

How do you know is someone has become infected with such toxic ailments to their entrepreneurial mindset? The lack of results or the amount of incredible effort required to barely produce any results. The true test of know-how is the result. How do we know if a medicine worked? The patient is now recovering or has fully recovered. How do we know if the mechanic properly performed his job? The car now runs smoothly. It is this level of pragmatism that we need to demand and expect from our financial, marketing and business goals.

Financial Success Is The Result From Sound Know-How

“We must reinforce argument with results” – Booker T. Washington

Just as we hold Dr.’s and mechanics accountable through results only, so must we judge our business processes, which include the handling of finances. This is also true of how we utilize marketing and public relations techniques. Either the statistics and sales are improving or they are not. And that is how we need to judge all of our information and business processes.

Accountability & Results

When you are ready for both, contact myself for a complimentary 1-hour executive coaching session. I assure you that we can instill a new level of enthusiasm within your entrepreneurial mindset!

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