“I just don’t have the time to blog.” This seems to be the prevailing sentiment when it comes to developing one’s small business blog. Yet the hottest content marketing tip for any small business is, without a doubt, blogging. True enough, blogging can also present itself as the most difficult and most time-consuming marketing action that you can undertake for your business marketing strategy.

But here is one question that I want to ask you, to consider and evaluate fully: How much time do you spend making cold calls that amount to nothing? What about those expensive postcards or mailings that result in very little ROI? Are you going to meetings at the local chamber and this too has little result?

What if you were to discover that blogging could be one of your top three sources of new leads. Moreover, it would position you as a thought leader to your existing clients as well as new ones that discovered you online. Would that be worth taking 10 hours of your time each week? And even if you did not blog personally, I am sure that there are plenty of enthusiastic bloggers or semi-retired people out there that would happily blog for you at $15 a hour, maybe less. Expending $600 a month to generate some of you best clientele just may be your best ROI, as well as the edge over your competition who are also complaining and not blogging either.

Imagine if that $600 per month became one of your three best sales people? For less than hiring someone full-time, you could add one of your most effective sales reps to generate A-list clients. Hire a part-time blogger and see what happens over time to your sales and ROI. It will astound you that local marketing via your blog will have you ranking higher and higher on search engines, as well as positioning you as someone that people in your area want to do business with on a regular basis.

In the past three weeks, I have generated one new client and added on a new outside sales rep as a result of my recent blogging. Blogging works, plain and simple.

Versus cursing the time you do not have to blog, figure out how this vital marketing action can be employed with either yourself, your staff, a contracted blogger or a some combination of the three. You will be glad you implemented this as you will see the new clients come in and well as revive some past ones.

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