The greatest enemy of any blogger is “writer’s block”. Not knowing what to write next, feeling that all your creativity is spent and that there no longer is an interesting story out there to blog about is what frustrates any blogger.

Is it that our creativity dies or do our minds simply become too intoxicated with a shrinking world? When your world has become reduced down to your computer screen, it is straining indeed to eek out bright ideas and good stories.

To write well, one must possess perspective. Being cloistered at home or in the office is far from what we could ever consider “perspective”. Sooner or later the big picture becomes obscured or completely lost. Trying to diving inspiration from the writing gods while sitting and staring at a screen is abhorrent to the very spirit of the great scribes of the past. Hemingway, Kipling and Hubbard were writers who lived lives of adventure, hopscotching the world and taking it all in with their own participation. This fact alone allowed them to write like the legends they are.

Riding Awakens Your Desire For Freedom

This is the time you need to get out and breath. And this is where a motorcycle ride shines like none other. In fact, it just may be the secret to unlocking great blogging.

When you ask most people about riding, a motorcycle that is, you garner two reactions. There is the “That’s too dangerous” crowd and then there are the others who tend to reminisce of childhood days of dirt biking or when they were a teen with their first bike. They still look upon those days as the days when they were freer.

This freedom factor is what attracts those who do ride. They ride because of the freedom it awakens. To many, riding is spiritual. The road being their church, their alter is a handlebar and the hum of the engine serves as their sermon. For those that ride, the true motorcycle enthusiasts, you understood what I was getting at when you read the title of this blog. For those who don’t understand why I could make such a bold claim, interview those who do ride. Our passion is based on feeling free.

To Ride Or Not to Ride? That Is The Question

For a large percentage of you, there are no words I can evoke, no enthusiasm I can share to get you onto a motorcycle. And with a small sense of sympathy, I have a sense of loss. Your missing out on something very special. So what to do if one does not ride? Mountain biking, driving a convertible, sailing, surfing, hiking, skiing – or even gardening. Well, you get the idea – find your sermon.

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