Content-centric marketing sounds quite formidable to enunciate, particularly if you are trying to impress your CEO. But when understood and wielded correctly, you are tapping into the very source of all social media success.

No one will ever succeed in marketing if they have nothing to say. Distributing uncoordinated, off-the-cuff remarks will not succeed in social media, much less in business.

To market, one has to say and offer something of value to others. One must offer solutions, understanding, know-how, encouragement, alleviation or at least some humor to make an impact.

Content First, Distribution Second

As Patricia Redsicker stated in a blog posted with The Content Marketing Institute,

“The purpose of content strategy is to facilitate the consistent delivery of interesting stories. The end result is that you will attract and retain the attention of the targeted audience that you want to reach.

“Imagine for a moment that you’re invited to pitch your business to a room full of potential investors. They’re willing to hear your story and let you persuade them with your ideas. How much time do you think you would need to prepare for such an opportunity? A week? A month? More?

“The point is you’d be foolish to simply show up, stand on the podium and say whatever comes to mind.

“And yet, most businesses do exactly that when it comes to social media. Given the opportunity to present their brand to an online audience of potential customers, they simply show up without preparing a compelling message. What a wasted opportunity.”

Your Strategy Must Be Focused On Content-Centric Marketing

One of the most painful things to watch a company do, is to spend marketing dollars indiscriminately. Unfortunately, it is all too common. Marketing seems to be the missing gene in the business world DNA pool. The reasons are many as to why, but to go on spending good money with no marketing plan and proper research is foolish.

Your content-centric marketing strategy must be written and planned based on demographics, potential markets and collaborations, what types of content to concentrate on and how to go about generating real, sustainable results with one’s efforts. So the first place to begin to is determine, “What story should be telling and to whom?”

Social Media Is a Tactic, Not The Message

Yesterday, I sat in a two-hour meeting with a CEO who is almost broke, purely due to bad marketing investments. From what I could see, he has a medical product that could generate tens of millions of dollars in sales, as well as save millions of people from agonizing pain. His product not only has five registered patents, but the people suffering from the malady numbers 80 million just in the USA alone!

So after a series of questions directed at the Dr., I finally gathered my answers amongst his emotional highs about the product and his emotional lows about his continual struggle to build a market. And before I share my findings with you, realize that he has already spent about $400,000 on “shotgun” marketing tactics. This was done all shooting from the hip on trying whatever seemed good at the moment. Here is what I found:

  • He has no business plan.
  • He has no idea of what his marketing strategy should be, other than a few huge ideas in his head, of which he has no money to fund.
  • None of the board of directors are not proficient in marketing.
  • There is no content that has been developed that clearly demonstrates what the product does, how it works, nor any testimonies of the results obtained with his product.
  • He has not attempted to bring in any trained marketing experts, advisors or investors to help him resolve his marketing debacle.

What To Do?

Versus doing what this Dr. did incorrectly, you need to step back and demand that your marketing follow a correct sequence. First, you must have a plan based on research. Second, then generate quality Content that will resonate with your target audience. This can be blog posts, video, FAQ, brochures, case studies, white papers, etc. I have listed over 50 types of content here.

Social media will only become an effective means to distributing said content when the content is valuable and worth sharing.

Contact me on how I may help if your content-centric marketing is a bit of center.

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