Do you know what www means? Technically and correctly, it stands for World Wide Web. Given how the internet, social media and online marketing has taken over all of our lives in so many regards, I firmly believe that the definition of www needs to evolve or at least to add a second and appropriate definition.

What WWW Means: Here’s My Vote

I believe that it should not be defined as, the “World Wants Wisdom.” Contemplate my definition for a moment in that hundreds of millions of people utilize “search” engines hoping to find answers and insight. Yes, there is the entertainment and the darker sides of humanity that people search for, but int the main, people are searching for wisdom.

Wisdom is defined as, “The sum of learning through the ages; knowledge. Wise teachings of the ancient sages. A wise saying or wise sayings. Wisdom is the ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.”

So the most important question is, “How important has finding wisdom been throughout human history?” Taken into that light, humanity now has easier access to more potential wisdom than at any point in our recorded history. So much so, that the access to that wisdom is growing at a rate that few can truly appreciate. And the means to access that wisdom through mobile devices allows us to access that from almost any location on Earth. In all the ages, the potential to fulfill that basic human instinct, “To Understand”, can be satiated like never before.

What WWW Means To You & Your Brand

So, the people are searching. We’ve been searching for eons for this wisdom. The question is, will you be there to help provide a bit of it, something of value, some insight or know-how to help your audience quench their intuitive thirst for it? Brands and entrepreneurs that delve into the human mind and soul to discover what wisdom people are seeking, relative to your messaging, and then satisfying it fully in a simple and creative manner, will grow. The world wants wisdom. Meet them more than half way and you will find that your content gets consumed more eagerly and your business or venture will grow accordingly.

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