Content is King!

“Content is king.” – Bill Gates

Content forms the cornerstone of successful marketing and PR in today’s world. Content is what clearly communicates any company’s brand. Great and relative content should always be the focus of your website and overall marketing efforts.  If there is no content worth reading or viewing on the site, then you cannot drive traffic to your site, much less keep them there. As the more popular saying goes these days, “Content is King”.

But you cannot just create content for its own sake, but relevant content. In truth, the hard part of successful digital marketing isn’t drawing an initial amount of attention to a website, but to keep people coming back. This means you will need a regular stream of relevant content, not just good content every so often.

Your content should be directed at a targeted audience, as modern-day marketers should focus on trying to understand their customers, rather than just tell them what they should be paying attention to. Your content will evidently evolve over time, as the target audience’s interests will change. But the more consistently a website’s content is to their target audience’s interests, the more successful it will be.

The secret is to focus with the relationship you build with your community so that they respect, trust and admire you.

Content can be company created as well as customer created. It can be curated or conversational. The fact of the matter is if you have content, you are more likely to generate leads and foster ongoing relationships with customers.