I offer the most proven video marketing services in Orange County, CA with the “Premier Expert” video marketing package. As the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Power Branding Secrets, I have successfully helped brands from around the world to increase awareness of their brand, thus generating more customers for them through my video marketing services.

Many small businesses and startups face two big challenges in creating optimized video content: time and the know-how. Both these challenges are now resolved with my “Premier Expert” done-for-your video marketing services. By producing, optimizing, and promoting high-quality video content, over time your videos on YouTube, as well as being embedded within your website and shared on social media channels, will elevate your brand as Premier Expert and authority within your market place.

My Video Marketing Services

The key to winning with video marketing is to create enough high-quality video content to make an impact. Moreover, by creating high-quality videos that are fully optimized, your videos will rank high within all search engines, as well as within YouTube’s own organic search results. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Additionally, YouTube is owned by Google. Therefore, Google favors YouTube videos over many other types of content in their organic rankings. Many of my own inbound leads come directly from my own YouTube videos because they are now ranking at the top of page 1 of Google within local search results.

My System is Simple & Proven

Imagine if you could organize your own version of a TED Talk, where you were featured as the expert speaker? Myself and my marketing team craft an exact script for such an event which is built around your top keywords and consumer interest points. We then video the entire talk, carefully repackaging your event into dozens of optimized YouTube videos. Not only is this content optimized to be found within YouTube’s organic search results, but we also ensure that you maximize this content in the following ways:

  • Embed these very videos into your website and blogs
  • Drip feed them over a series of months to your email list
  • Share them across all your social media channels
  • Leverage them to answer questions on forums, such as Quora.com
  • Have each video transcribed and then converted into optimized blog posts
  • Repurpose the audio portions of your videos into podcasts
  • Generate enough content to potentially create a future book, an ebook, or white paper

Without question, this a complete done-for-you video marketing program that offers businesses a fast and highly-effective method to creating content. This is exactly how the digital and inbound marketing battle is won in today’s internet game.

Social Media is a Dead End Without Great Content

I am consistently hearing from entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups that social media is producing very little or no results for their brand’s PR and customer acquisition goals. As I cover in my book extensively, social media is simply a communication channel, it is not the communication (content) itself. But like any tool, social media will fail to yield results for your business if it is used incorrectly.

The secret to winning audiences and customers over with social media is to consistently share with them great content that:

  • Answers their questions
  • Solves their problems
  • Helps them to achieve something better or easier
  • Entertains them
  • Elevates their knowledge, abilities or status
  • Empowers or clarifies their purpose and/or goals
  • Creates a unique and desired feeling or emotion

And there is no content better than video content to engage and motivate your customers and target audiences. In fact, an insighful report from Cisco, “2014 Complete VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast for 2013-2018,” boldly predicts that consumer consumption of video content will explode by 2018. According to their intensive study, video content is predicted to account for 84% of all Internet traffic by 2018! If your brand is not creating video content, then you are not giving the content that audiences seek and consume.

Let Me Help You to Become a Premier Author

Did you know that they word Authority is derived from the Latin word, Author?

That is why my video marketing services becomes an even bigger game changer. This same video content can then be repurposed into a book, elevating your authority as a published author. How is this accomplished? Here are the following steps:

  1. We create an event that we know will satisfy your audience’s questions, concerns, challenges and needs. This is scripted with an exact outline, just as we would lay out the chapters of a book.
  2. We professionally shoot your “Premier Expert” event, thus creating for us a large body of valuable content.
  3. In addition to creating many YouTube videos from the event, we also have the entire event professionally transcribed.
  4. This transcription can be given to you to then polish up into a book, ebook or white paper. Or your transcription can be turned over to ghostwriter who can then touch up your transcription of your recorded words into a professionally written book.
  5. If you choose the option of utilizing the services of a professional ghostwriter (which I recommend), I can assist with a complete program that includes the ghostwriter, a custom cover, as well as a website. We would then take your book project the full distance until it was on Amazon and Kindle, thus elevating your status into that of Author! This process normally takes about 4 months, once the transcription has been handed over to the ghostwriter.

My Video Marketing Services Are a Complete Game Changer

As an author, business owner, and video marketing expert, I know that my video marketing services is a complete game changer on how you can position, market and sell your brand. As a result, you will inevitably attract more customers and experience a significant growth in your business development goals. My “Premier Expert” video marketing services will leave your competitors wondering why so many customers are now doing business with you, as well as why you are expanding so fast – right past them.

Contact me today for a free discovery call to see how my video marketing services can elevate your brand and increase your business!

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