Types Of Content

There are so many types of content, that I have provided an extensive list. If you see any that needed to be added to this list, I would love your input.

  1. Blog Post
  2. “How To” content
  3. Guest Blog Posts
  4. Press releases
  5. Photo’s & Images
  6. Livestreaming video
  7. Newsjacking
  8. Mega Lists – “99 Ways to_____”
  9. Research results
  10. Contests
  11. Courses
  12. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
  13. Email
  14. Social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  15. Reviews – customer reviews on sites like Yelp and Google+ Local
  16. Testimonials – endorsements from happy customers
  17. Articles – articles you’ve written or that mention your firm in outside publications
  18. Embedded Tweets
  19. Link Lists
  20. Infographics
  21. Memes
  22. Podcasts
  23. Slidehshare
  24. User Generated Content
  25. Games
  26. Gift cards & any related content
  27. Printed material (brochures, flyers, business cards, marketing slicks, etc.)
  28. Targeted Microsites
  29. Branded Entertainment
  30. eBooks
  31. Books
  32. Pitch decks
  33. Newsletters – Weekly or monthly education that nurtures their interest
  34. Seminars – in person or online, these allow prospects to learn as well as engage
  35. FAQs – some folks just need the answers to their questions and this format serves well
  36. Polls & survey data – results from these can be very compelling .
  37. Automatic referrals and reviews – create ways to move happy customers to a referral
  38. AudioAcrobat or MailVu
  39. Video success stories – create events that bring customers together to tell their story and network
  40. Custom RSS feeds – create customer or industry specific feeds to share
  41. Republish, Share, RT – point to and share great content that being produced
  42. Curate – use tools like Storify to collect and republish customer newsletters
  43. In person events – live events (seminars, workshops, etc.) are the absolute best way to use content
  44. Seminar and workshop information, workbooks & materiel
  45. Case studies – deep studies into the success of another client.
  46. ROI calculators – use content to help prospects understand the specific value of making
  47. Reports on Results – provide documented proof results in simple and easy to understand
  48. White papers
  49. Interviews
  50. Responses to a post
  51. Employee educational & training material
  52. Comics & Cartoons
  53. Music videos
  54. Songs & jingles
  55. Investor reports
  56. Media/Press room – feature your garnered press, company bio and contact info
  57. Online newspaper with Paper.li

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