It is 4 am, and I woke up crying. As a father of four, two of them the age as those tragically killed in Conneticut, I was filled with grief and shock to what occurred yesterday morning. My heart goes out to all the fine people of that state, but especially to the parents who are living a nightmare we never hope to ever experience in our own lives. Of course, I knew that this unspeakable crime and horrific tragedy was more than a matter of a gun, but whose crime was conceived and carried out by someone crazed by pyschotropic weapons. People do not commit such acts unless driven to do so. The rise of Big Pharma’s product line and influence into mainstream America, and the rise of such tragic incidents are more than related, they are the underlying cause.

We can no longer classify these drugs as drugs, but must now be regarded as Weapons of Mass Destruction. Big Pharma has openly stated in their billion dollar advertisement campaigns that one of the “side effects” of these weapons in disguise, is suicidal thoughts. Why do we as loving parents and patriotic Americans allow the mass marketing and proliferation of this known destruction agent, this Fifth Column in a pill, to openly destroy our nation’s youth?

These psychotropic drugs are weapons, and Big Pharma is a well-funded, well organized terrorist faction operating in our homeland. Psychotropic drugs are the weapons of mass destruction. Except they were not found Iraq, but have been flourishing here at home. While we deploy young men and women overseas to fight terrorism, should we not ourselves equally deploy against this more direct threat to our children’s safety? There is a time to grieve, but there is a time to rise up and say, “enough is enough” and then follow through with action.

It is time we petition the White House and launch a federal investigation in to the relationship between school shootings and psychiatric drugs.

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