Blogging consistently is a key strategy for SEO purposes, as well as demonstrating your prowess as a thought leader within your industry or community. I wanted to share three blogging tips for small business owner who is wondering to himself what to blog next for their online marketing strategy. For those new to blogging, I often hear the question, “What should I blog about?”

While inspiration for bloggers can come from many sources, in fact as varied as Life itself, it is always nice to get some some tips from those who have blogged consistently. Having posted over 200 blog posts myself over the last 5+ years, I always follower others bloggers for ideas and inspiration. By the way, that is not one of three blogging tips for small business applications that I will be sharing. So, here they are:

  • Social Media. By now you should have at least have a Facebook page, personally and/or for your small business. For many of you, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare and many more area also a part of your social media mix. While you were trying to catch up on all the latest cat-trick videos going viral, or even trying to think of something philosophical to share, you need to be listening and watching to the trends. Those topics, or as memes as they are sometimes referred to, are what you should be adding to and commenting upon via your blog. This can take some creative think, in fact it will. Blogging for small business is not always easy. Hence the need for some tips on how to blog better. Inspirational ideas can spark from others and no where is there more new ideas and themes being shared than through you social media channels. As stories and topics break in through your social media channels or within your industry blogs, add your two cents on how your company may offer a solution, an answer or maybe just your own views to what is trending.
  • Industry Trends. These can be accessed in many ways through newsletters, forums, webinars, conferences, staff meetings, schools, books, live seminars and workshops and many other avenues. Your industry is interested in your industry. If you are mainly selling on a B2B level, then get in the mix and blog about what is hot and trending within your industry. This is one of the best blogging tips for small business that I can share. This is because these blog posts is about what is happening right now or in the immediate future, is much more interesting than what has happened in the past, unless you blog about history. Believe me, more people are watching those trends than writing about it and offering good ideas and/or solutions to the mix. Be a proactive participant through your blog.
  • People Watching. OK, so when we people watch we do more than watch; we tend to listen to what topics they are discussing. One of my most favorite ways to find topics is to listen to what people are discussing. While I do not have time or interest to hang onto every word they say, it is fairly easy to determine what people are talking about when at a conference, a local coffee house or even at your kids soccer game. If you hear people in your neighborhood or industry talking about a theme, recent topic or a problem consistently, you know it is buzzing. Before it is too late, add to that to that buzz with your views and any potential solutions you may be able to offer.

Blogging Tips For Small Business Is Important

It is vital that once you blog, that you get this post sent to all your social media channels as well as emailed. It is not enough to write, you need to distribute this blog post for others to find, read and hopefully share with many others. I know form personal experience that if you consistently blog, others will eventually turn to you and your business for assistance.

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