The Way To Happiness Learns Social Media & Blogging

Today I was at The Way To Happiness, Located in Glendale, CA. I was invited to teach them the power of global dissemination via blogging and social media. It is amazing how eager these people wanted to learn how to impact the world in a positive manner with the utilization of blogging and social media, something that more and more non-profits and NGO’s are learning to harness. As a volunteer, professional blogger and marketer, I volunteered my time to demonstrate and educate the wonderful people at The Way To Happiness Foundation on how to spread their positive message of moral living through the online world.

As they learn the power of blogging and social media, their message will be able to spread via a network of global volunteers who blog and connect with their local communities on how to utilize their valuable materials, and their inherit lessons for better living. As a result, these global Way To Happiness advocates will help to elevate people above the common problems of social decay that we all too often see in our schools, businesses and in all areas of life.

The Way To Happiness Foundation

The Way To Happiness Foundation was established to disseminate their materials and help bring calm to our tumultuous world. The book represents the first non-religious moral code based purely on common sense. Written by L. Ron Hubbard is a book containing 21 precepts, or principles, for improving morals in today’s world.

The grass-roots demand for this book is worldwide. The precepts are applied by tens of millions around the planet, by men, women and children from every part of the world. Now translated into 109 languages, the book now has an universal audience who can now read it. The Way to Happiness is an easy-to-read book, with a description of each precept, including how it works and how to apply it in life. Rather than just a set of rules or “do’s and don’ts,” The Way to Happiness provides actual insight, demonstarting how each precept can be put to practical use.

The Way To Happiness Book Now On DVD

For the first time ever, The Way to Happiness has been brought to life on film with their new DVD, complete and unabridged. This DVD also includes a bonus feature: public service announcements for all 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness.

Social Media Having A Positive Impact

MDG Advertising analyzed the social media trends of nonprofits in 2012 and found that now, more than ever, organizations are using their online networks — and those that took advantage of the tools were better able to ramp up their fundraising efforts.

More people are giving online and nonprofits have uncovered just how effective getting the word out on Facebook and Twitter can be. When a Facebook user posts about a cause, for example, that mention leads to 68 percent of their contacts learning more about the organization and 39 percent to actually donate to it, according to MDG. Twitter mentions of fundraising events can yield up to 10 times more in donations.

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