Today, it is vital that you establish yourself as the social citizen within your network of followers. One must regularly interact socially across one’s networks, where people who make decisions within your target audiences spend time and explore solutions to their most pressing challenges. Active social citizens receive a steady stream of information about what is top-of-mind for the decision makers within their networks. defines digital citizenship as, “The quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns that impact the ecology of digital content and communities.”

 The Social Citizen: Marketing & Sales

Today’s social citizen is now on the threshold of seismic changes that are shaking up the world of business, sales organization, public relations, access to news and information, as well as how we engage and attract new clients, followers and members. The term “digital citizen” describes who we are online, particularly on our social networks. It is the key to how we take responsibility for our online actions and interactions.

How you are seen, perceived and appreciated will more and more determined by your electronic footprint and content creation. What you post, what you blog and how you position yourself online via your social channels, is now your face and legacy. From that position, you can now engage others in terms of conducting business and generating positive and long-lasting relationships between your brand and those who seek innovation, products, services and relative, helpful information.

Above all else, sales is primarily about establishing relevance. If you could somehow ensure that you’d be in front of people at the exact moment they needed to solve the precise problems that your product addressed, you’d close deals 100% of the time. Social selling and conducting content creating effectively and contextually, places brands and their salespeople closer to this ideal than ever before.

Consumers no longer have a compelling reason to take a salesperson’s call during their research phase. A recent IBM Preference Study showed that cold calls are ineffective 97% of the time, and this number has been increasing by 7% every year since 2010.

The Social Citizen & Content Management

The Digital Citizen & Content Management

The buyer’s journey must be proactively managed by the digital citizen. To do this effectively in today’s online and social networking world, you must create content that will engage and nurture your target audience.

In reality, your content curation and management now becomes the means in which you connect your brand with your audience in such a way that you will eventually land more clients. This means that brands will need to commit additional personnel, finances and efforts to create, curate and distribute their content to their target audiences if they wish to generate more sales, develop brand loyalty and proactively instigate business growth.

“The companies that are winning are growing revenue through increased sales, not just decreasing expenses. Companies that only focus on expense reduction are all but dead as they will find themselves sooner or later unable to reduce anymore.”Grant Cardone, New York Times bestselling author.

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