If you are familiar with Seth Godin then there is no need to explain what I am referring to concerning a purple cow. If you do not, then watch the video below. There were two incidents yesterday that impelled me to write this blog post. The first was finding this very video and then watching it. The second was a visit to my favorite Indian restaurant in Orange County, CA – Haveli.

After viewing the video and enjoying it immensely, I started to wonder how I could add even more “remarkable” to my own services and presentation. I saw a few distinct points to correct and then picked up my wife to grab some lunch. I let her choose, and she immediately suggested Haveli as we are both quite smitten the place.

I noted two things: 1.) The new sign on the door asking people to “like” their Facebook page. 2.) It was not jam-packed as it once was. According to Seth, one must be remarkable. Haveli is remarkable. The foo, friendliness and ambiance are all remarkable. So why is this Purple Cow not busy. Yes, I know, the cow is sacred in India. So let’s not be literal and stick to my point. The cow is never really purple to those who never see it.

I then found out that due to the owners age, he never really learned how to use a computer and thus never became conversant about internet marketing or how to use social media. He never took the time or effort to educate himself. Being on Yelp was about his extent of his online acumen, and he felt complacent with that. His marketing had been the victim of old habits of mailing out printed coupons. Yet, there sit about 25 people with practically all of them gazing into their iPhones. I decided to give him free advice about how to incentivize his clients by offering them a discount to anyone that checked in. He was unaware this could happen until my wife and I checked in, including a photo and review, disseminating his restaurant to over 3,500 people in a matter of seconds.

Once educated, he saw the potential and immediately decided that he would put small tents on each table letting clients know that he would give them a 10% discount if they checked into Facebook and told their friends about their experience. This would out perform Yelp by 1,000 times as Yelp is stagnant to some degree and hundreds of people checking in daily is real time marketing.

Does the tree make noise if no one is around to hear it when it falls? Yes, but who cares. Is the cow purple if no one drives by. Yes, but who will ever know. Be remarkable. Have a purple cow. But, make sure people see it.

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