This is a short blog post to give you a proven method to doubling your sales. Now, I do not profess the word “easy” as sustainable success has a price – diligent effort. Nonetheless, this is a proven formula that you can instigate right now with your content marketing.

Success can be mathematically engineered once you evaluate and understand the complex relationships and intricacies of how your business promotes and operates. Replicating any level of success is easier than developing the process to success. This is very true in content marketing, as marketing is an crucial process within any business or industry.

Quantity First

First, you must assess the QUANTITATIVE aspects of your ability to reach people. How many email addresses do you currently have? How often do you send them valuable, engaging content? How many followers do you have on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and your other social medial channels? How many referral sources and/or partnerships with other businesses do your have that are remunerative? How many sources of income are operational?

Now go for broke in doubling all those numbers. Double your followers, double your email list (ethically) and double the amount of content that you are sending these ever increasing lists, followers and channels. The “How to do that” will represent the first steps on your marketing plan and programs.

Quality Second

Now when it comes to your content marketing, double your efforts to make that content more relevant, easier to consume and share. But most of all, double your efforts to pinpoint and address the most important challenges, needs and questions of your target audience. Deliver high quality content to these people, always striving to double the QUALITY of your content (videos, blogs, white papers, case studies, literature, etc.). Always seek ways to make it better.

Organize For Viability – Servicing The Flood

If you remain consistent and ever vigilant on these two points above, you will develop more leads and sales. Once that is rolling, now your next job is to put in the organizational processes and policies, as well as any needed personnel, that will now service and sell to this increasing amount of new clientele calling upon your business. Great service is a vital part of marketing. How you answer the phone, customer service policies, making sure staff are attentive, polite and smile all are part of this organizational polish.

What I am coaching you on above is based on years of training, and more importantly, based on 20 years of being a C-level executive who has successfully executed multiple marketing projects. If you truly want to double your sales, taking heed to the above, you will outshine and grow faster than 90% of your competitors.

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