The world is changing fast and so is what we expect from a website. Your website needs to elevate towards being your “Media Center”; your digital outreach platform to educate, inform, involve and engage.

The vast majority of websites are static and generate zero content. Moreover, they are not taking advantage of the immense amount of conversation that is occurring with blogs and within social media.

The idea of generating content (blog posts, videos, FAQ pages, reports, guest blogging, webinars, customer reviews, meme’s, etc.) has either failed to impress people as to its sheer vitality, or they have failed to decide how to conduct their content strategy, whether internally or to outsource it to experts in their respective fields. Both are fatal mistakes.

The “Pretty” Website Is Dead

Unfortunately, the test for a great website seems to be whether or not the business owner or the board likes it, based solely on how “pretty” it is. Yet the websites with the most traffic, value and readership are blogs that publish great content, continuously. (e.g., Huffington Post, Mashable, TechCruch and WSJ)

What Your Potential Clients Care About

Per best selling author and marketing expert, David Meerman Scott, “The biggest hurdle marketers face is this: You need to recognize no one cares about you, your company or your product. We marketers tend to come at things from an egotistical perspective, but customers don’t really care. They care about themselves and solving their own problems.”

People are not searching to find out what you do, but more what like you can do for them. Today’s online denizens know that they have almost unlimited power to purchase from anyone. Their choices are easier and bigger. Moreover, the consumer knows that he/she has a greater access to information and online reviews to help them make their final purchasing decision. Those companies that are adapting to this rapidly and permanent change within the consumer world will most likely thrive.

Those who do not adapt will go the way of the Dodo.

Generating Content From Your Website

You must start thinking and acting like a publisher, not like a sales person. If fact, your next salesperson should be a great content manager and writer. Pretty websites are not how we judge marketing these days, nor what is driving consumers to purchase. The want to see a company that is engaging their intellect and curiosity with interesting and informative content that they are earnestly seeking.

Mansion Or Museum?

For those that adapt and revel in this new world of content marketing, you have the chance to live in a mansion. For those who do not, we will eventually find your business in a historical museum.

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