The best dental marketing ideas that work in today’s sophisticated world of online technology has changed the rules of how to win at the patient acquisition game.

The most financially successful dentists are entrepreneurial and thus embrace marketing as an important business process. They realize there are many other fellow dentists for people to choose from and it is up to them to market their practice to win the day.

Dental marketing is about acquiring patients, retaining those patients for years to come, acquiring more revenue from existing patients, generating more referrals to attract new patients, as well as building a professional reputation within your community. One company that gets this is Premiere Lead Systems, a media company that specializes in helping dentists in acquiring more new patients. Here are 7 of the best dental marketing ideas for dentists in private practice and dental groups.

7 Best Dental Marketing Ideas

1. Leverage Facebook Likes. Facebook has a powerful effect on not only the social shares, but your rankings on the search engines. For many of your patients, Facebook is the internet.

“Have you ever wondered what Facebook “likes” were doing for your practice? Now, through a new Facebook search feature called Graph Search, users looking for a dentist can perform a search that will show them the names of all dentists who have been “liked” by their Facebook friends. This magnifies the power of the ‘like.’ With 92% of people trusting recommendations from their friends, it’s more important than ever to maintain an engaging Facebook presence that encourages your patients to like you. Accelerate referrals and new patient acquisition with the help of Facebook Graph Search.” – Dr. Lou Shuman

2. Video Marketing – It is easier for people to watch a video than to read long text on your website. By 2018, 70% of the content consumed online will be videos watched on mobile devices. Video marketing represents the future of practice marketing. Mobile devices and phones can take some pretty amazing videos. Your website must be mobile friendly and generate short, punchy videos to capture the attention of potential patients, as well as the attention of the search engines.

3. Public Relations is still important – Public relations is still an important component to marketing. By involving yourself in the community with events, charities, high school sports, and other local outreach activities, you make your practice visible to those who are active in your community. The ultimate social media is face-to-face.

“Develop the perception in the minds of the public that you are the expert. Public relations and marketing are twin sisters that must be represented in your business. You have to know the difference in these sisters. Then you have to cultivate them and bring out the best in your business so that others in your community know you by your PR and your marketing activities. Dental practices should always be actively creating PR pieces for the media and be proactive in demonstrating good PR moves within the community. Set the tone with PR rather than react to bad news that oozes from unhappy patients.” – Dr. Bill Williams

4. Direct Mail is still one of the best dental marketing ideas around – One of my most profitable dentists still uses direct mail as his premiere marketing tool. By consistently mailing postcards for his high-end services, he has been able to stand out in his community while his competitors stand by and watch his profits grow substantially, convinced that direct mail is dead. Yes, he spends quite a bit of money on this marketing tactic, but his practice is pulling in dozens of premiere patients who are securing ten’s of thousands of dollars worth of services. The key to direct mail is, “To send the right message to the right person, at the right time.” 

5. Online Reviews are an important local marketing tactic – Sites such as Yelp, Google Places, Swarm, City Search and others are vital in how others locate and favorably perceive your dental practice. The best dental marketing ideas must take these local directories seriously by ensuring that they are not only listed, with all their pertinent information, but are also encouraging happy patients to leave their reviews.

6. Blogging to target local keywords – By not having a comprehensive, all-encompassing content marketing strategy in place for your dental practice, you are losing dozens of new patients and leaving thousands of dollars on the table each and every month. Here is how your patients are searching on the internet:

• Dentist “city name”
• “City name” dentist

Those are two terms that every office wants to rank for, and with good reason (they are valuable terms for getting more new patients to your practice). Let’s say those terms combined get approximately 500 searches per month. Every market is different based on population and demographics, but this is a good number for the purpose of this example.

Many dental offices will put their blood, sweat, and tears into ranking for these terms, expecting that if they can just get page 1 rankings for these types of “golden keywords”, their practice will quadruple in size. As much as 80% of your traffic will come from terms that have very little search volume individually, but collectively provide an unbelievable opportunity to penetrate your market by putting together a strategic web marketing plan that focuses first and foremost on new patient acquisition, not just ranking for 2 or 3 terms.

7. Referral marketing must become proactive – One of the best dental marketing ideas is to become much more proactive about generating referrals. Most practices are reactive about their marketing versus becoming proactive. One of the best ways to generate more referrals is to develop reward programs that give them VIP status.

Best Dental Marketing Ideas

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