The advantages of video marketing are becoming more apparent as mobile technology expands and permeates our lives. Our access to video is becoming a way of life, even for those new to the internet. When my 80-year father purchased his iPad 2 and was eagerly showing me videos of the airplanes he used to fly in Viet Nam, I new that society was shifting rapidly.

How A Video Inspired My Final Choice

Recently, I teamed up with a videographer, Blake Carver, to assist and consult some clients for their video content marketing strategy. Blake recently purchased the Canon EOS 60D for his video production and I had wondered if this was a good choice. I was also curious if this camera would suit my own needs for use in my business, as well as taking video of my kids.

Like most people, I did my homework to not only search for online reviews, but most importantly to see this camera in action. Familiar with the vast amount of information, reviews and “How To” videos on YouTube, I decided to see what was available there. I searched and found a video (the one included in this blog post below) that not only convinced me to purchase Canon’s EOS 60D as my best possible option, but this video also convinced in the power of video marketing content as a prime tool in one’s strategy.

Word-Of-Mouth + Powerful Video Marketing Content = Success

Blake’s strong recommendation was key to my research, but not my final decision. This is key to note. While word-of-mouth is crucial for marketing success, this can no longer be the only thing that your business depends on in a world that is evolving rapidly in our video/mobile world. My freedom to now make a further search, inspired by his recommendation, is why companies will need to be placing their great video content broadly about.

Great Content Tells An Emotionally Strong Story

Note that this video is not just about the camera’s features, but how the features capture something unique and memorable. This goes beyond the ordinary “How To” tutorial video, but the video inspired me to not only purchase the product, but to immerse myself into it’s world of possibilities. As I wrote in an earlier blog post, “Content Marketing Is About Telling A Story”, this video from Canon clearly proves the point. that video is a brand’s most powerful tool to converting the curious into paying clientele.

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