“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain

I often get accused of liking or siding with the actions & policies of G.W. Bush because I do not support Obama. You’ve got to be kidding me. This is your logic and/or only argument?

So here’s my official & public statement: Both Democrat & Republican parties now embrace the same suppressive policies when it comes to the handling of individual rights, foreign affairs, massive debt, oppressive tax laws and national security. Their difference is so negligible, that in truth we do not have a two party system. They have now become one irresponsible, unethical party.

If we borrowed money like they both do, we’d be in jail or minimally in bankruptcy court. If we handled our children like they both handle our national security, our children would be featured on milk cartons. Hypocrisy described them 20 years ago. Today, they have exceeded all that defines that unflattering term.

If I haven’t yet got you looking anew, or at least expanding you beyond some preconceived ideas, then I do not apologize. This post is not intended to make friends, but to state my case. If we are friends after this, then great. If not, I’m moving on and feeling secure.

This Is Why I Would Support Obama, Or Anyone Else

You skin color, religion, age, sexual orientation, political party affiliation or your feelings are not my judgement factor when it comes to giving my vote or undying support. People are people and there are good people and bad people in all sectors of society. It’s your POLICY and ACTIONS that I base my opinion on.

I don’t play into the “Left/Right Paradigm” lie that is supposedly offered to Americans as a choice. I’ve been a registered member of both Democrat & Republic parties. I bailed on both because of their failed POLICIES and betrayal to the ideals of our Forefathers and our Constitution, the very document that they both swore an oath to uphold.

If Kennedy or Reagan were President, I’d be cool with either one and would support them with my vote even today. Each one had issues, and who doesn’t. But they meant well and each tried their best, given a job that is practically impossible to hold.

You could do better than either one of them? Really?

If No Support For Obama or the GOP, Then Whom?

So I am Libertarian by choice. I am not an Anarchist as that offers no workable solution at all. I do not watch CNN or Fox News. The media is evil, owned and run by Banksters, as well as hell bound for leather to make you depressed. I am not a member of the Tea Party, but I am sympathetic to most of their arguments. I’m a “Classical Liberal” in the spirit of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. Look up those individuals and that term. Study their lives, the principles they endorsed and take a stand.

Resolute & Vocal

I’m firm in my beliefs as I have studied much, including the results produced by the political philosophies of both Left & Right. Both have [produced fantastic, epic failures; both need fundamental changes.

If this does not answer for you where I stand, then you are prejudiced or have an ax to grind. Bye bye and good luck to you. The results of your vote will soon come to reckon, good or bad. That’s how life works. I hope you begin to support only those individuals who POLICIES and ACTIONS, not fancy speeches and bold promises, bring about increased freedom, security and financial stability to our great nation.

God Bless America!

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