Those who state that there is a social media marketing vs content marketing example can point to the stats below, but in reality any brand, start-up or entrepreneur will need to incorporate both within any highly-effective marketing strategy.

While content marketing is gaining quickly as a search term, I do not believe that the “versus” truly is accurate. For social media marketing to become truly effective, you will need to develop effective content marketing as a foundation.

Social Media Marketing vs Content Marketing: What’s The Confusion?

Of course there is a difference, and that difference is best described from Michael Brenner at B2BMarketingInsider and SAP:

“The difference between content marketing and social media is huge. Social media is a new channel. And it competes with other media channels like TV, radio, print and all the digital channels available to us.

“Content marketing and storytelling are as old as human beings. We have always needed to find ways to convey important information in useful and entertaining ways. Social media is just the latest evolution in the way we can tell the stories. I think soon we will drop the ‘social’ and go back to calling it plain old ‘media.”

Knowing What’s What: Social Media Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Content marketing concerns itself with the creation of the optimum content for targeted audiences. Social media marketing concerns itself with accessing the ideal communication channels for the optimal distribution and consumption of that content.

Factually to perform well in either one (Social media marketing and content marketing) circumstances will eventually require one to perform well in the other as well. Any magazine publisher or media consultant will tell you that having a targeted readership in place, awaiting and anticipating your content, is crucial for your content marketing to become commercially successful.

“Content is at the core of all great marketing efforts. Quality content is the soul of all effective marketing campaigns. Excellent content begs to be shared. Social networkers do not need to be asked, coerced, prodded or even poked.” – Bill Belew

Social Media Marketing vs Content Marketing: Communicating Content

Marketing basics are simple: Communicate the right content to the right audience. Of course, you can send multiple types of content to specific niches, as well contact multiple audiences simultaneously. For example, Coca-Cola offers many types of Coke, as well as other branded drinks, such as Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Odwallla and Minute Maid juices.

If you are still confused about this “social media marketing vs contact marketing” connection, feel free to contact me for a FREE “Competitive Marketing Analysis.”

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