Has your social media marketing for your business been disappointing? It is rare to consult a business person these days who is still super excited about social media marketing for their business. When I meet with someone for the first time about their social media marketing efforts, I start by asking what professional marketing help have them employed in the past. Truly, I really need to start bringing tissue or an anger management coach with me, because what I usually hear is how much money and/or effort they have expended with almost zero return from their effort and investment.

Moreover, when I ask what their business has been doing with social media marketing, I usually hear, “We have a Facebook page.” “We have a Twitter account.” “I have a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t really use it.” This is similar to, “I have a hammer, but it never builds anything.” This is because most business people do not know HOW to use social media as a tool, not unlike a hammer to build a home. And this is due to the fact they do not really know what it can accomplish and how to properly utilize this marketing medium.

Social Media Marketing Begins With Your Blog

Your house is built on a foundation and so is social media success. Unless you are willing to generate content (DIY or hiring someone to generate it for you), you will never truly enjoy the success that can be obtained through social media. Social media is a channel to reach a somebody, so it necessitates that you put something on that channel. Otherwise you are stuck to posting mundane comments or quotes, funny cat videos and photos of your last vacation.

Conducting social media for your business without your blog as a foundation of educational, entertaining or engaging content is a waste of time. It’s like dating a really good looking person with a bland or annoying personality. After a while it becomes a waste of time and extremely irritating.

Here is the over simplification of social media success, using an analogy that most people understand.

Blog: The Magazine. Social Media: The Mailing list of subscribers

By creating a great magazine and building into in really interesting content, and then sending it to your ever-growing subscriber list, you are now building a successful marketing strategy. If you do this content marketing stuff right, after a while your subscribers will look forward to the next issue and re-subscribe year after year. Believe me when I say that if your business was generating a ton of great content and sending that content to a ton of people, you would be making a whole bunch of money. Why? Because so few of your “competitors” are doing what I am now telling you, as they are just as confused or inactive as you are.

Release Yourself Of Huge Expectations

Social media is not the magical silver bullet, nor will it give you instant gratification. If you go into social media thinking, “I will do X and then I will get Y,” you will be disappointed. But if you go into social media with a giving spirit, built on the foundation of a content rich blog, you’ll be surprised at how many times that approach will reap benefits. Be patience, create great content regularly and give help & advice. And grow your list of followers, fans and subscribers. The ROI will come back to you eventually.

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