I read a very insightful blog post form the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) that sheds light on the exact needs for accounting firms for social media. This information was shared at the AICPA Forensic Valuation Conference in Orlando.

What I found most revealing were the survey results that they showcased on Slideshare. I wanted to highlight these as I have been stating for years that the underlying problem was the lack of effective education for small and medium business owners who do not have a marketing person or team dedicated to their social media and blogging endeavors. This is a brief summary of those surveys results and social media insights. Feel free to visit their Slideshare presentation for the full benefit of what was found.

This Microcosm Points to The Macrocosm

I believe that this information is not only applicable to CPAs or even businesses in Maryland, but is a broader situation elsewhere. Having worked with hundreds of CPAs from all over the United States for over two decades, I know that what the MACPA has found is what is true as to the needs and wants for almost CPAs, as well as most other industries, to what they require to become competent, relative and successful with their social media strategy.

The Needs to Start With Social Media

1. Education provided on social media and the time to learn it.

2. Key knowledge on best practices with social media.

3. Proof that engaging in social media is worth the time.

4. A better understanding of what to do to achieve results of reaching people and thus expanding the firm.

5. How to measure ROI.

6. Examples & case studies of the the use of social media and its ROI.

Key Social Media Insights For CPAs

1. Need to know how to get started; not sure how & where to begin and then sustain next actions.

2. Time management. What is the best utilization of their time with social media?

3. They do not want to do anything that is embarrassing.

4. No desire to publish anything that will end up in legal problems or come back to haunt them in a lawsuit.

5. How to create the greatest results.

6. Keeping relevant with social media without becoming owned and consumed by it.

I stand by to help educate you on all points, as well as how to assist you to successfully overcome these very challenges.

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