Your social marketing strategy is sinking. By now, you’re either confused, completely frustrated or in apathy. When business professionals and entrepreneurs approach me for executive coaching and business mentoring, I find that too many have given up with their social media efforts. They see no definitive ROI from their social and online marketing and so cease.

Most entrepreneurs, small business owners and start-ups are considerably strapped for both time and cash. Without a rapid return on their investment, their interest and action wanes in a New York minute. For example, 60% of Twitter users quit using this mighty social marketing platform within their first week of signing up. They send a few tweets, see nothing come back and so quit.

Social Marketing Strategy: Where The Major Downfalls Exist

Number One: The strategy has not been fully and properly developed. Success in marketing begins with RESEARCH. For some odd and mysterious reason many business professionals believe that good research is complex or requires a college degree in marketing. Factually, research begins with your own edification. I highly recommend that you read “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott. It is crucial that your planning is based upon and continues to grow with great research. By reading industry journals and blogs, conducting surveys, keeping your eyes and ears open to new trends, ideas, concepts, buzz words and needs, you can develop what to communicate. As a part of your research you need to consistently find and develop the “key opinion leaders” within your industry. These KOL’s will not only share their knowledge with you, but as well share your content with their loyal audiences.

Number Two: You have failed to connect with your correct target audience. Many people have followers on their social media platforms that only are family and friends, but have not created relationships with their target audience and ideal clientele. It is crucial to develop a social marketing strategy that figures out how to locate and engage these individuals as followers and connections.

Number Three: Ineffective content. So let’s say you have thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even within your emails lists. Now what do we do with all these contacts? Simply put, you need to send them quality content (blogs, videos, tweets, eBooks, white papers, webinars, etc.) that they will find valuable. You content must offer some type of solution to a problem or challenge that they are currently experiencing or may in the future. If your research is solid and on-going, what type of content to send your target audience will be much easier to determine.

Social Marketing Strategy 101

Success in any endeavor is built upon a foundation of what works in the real world. By omitting key actions, as well as performing others in an altered sequence, your social media marketing strategy will become ineffective. Success takes time, study, intelligent effort and most importantly, determined persistence. Social media is no different.

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