One of the most effective methods that you can boost your small business marketing strategy is to generate video content. Without question, video has rapidly risen to be one of the premier methods to market your small business on the web. Video marketing promotes to your potential clientele, as well as to your existing fan base, your unique brand message. Video can achieve this with very little work on your part, as well as adding to the engagement time that people will spend with you online.

Video Marketing Makes More Sense

Truthfully, the general public is more inclined to watch how something works rather than read or hear about how it works. Video is easier for them to comprehend; it’s more compelling to instigate action on their part. This is why you should utilize small business video marketing as your primary channel to explain how to use your products and services, as well as feature their benefits and the successes others may have had in doing business with you. but be careful not abuse video, as it should not be implemented as a direct sales tool. Video’s power is to engage people and to inspire them to share across social channels and email.

Videos Go Viral More Easily

After you have produced your video, now is the time to fully leverage that video by sharing it across multiple channels. You can place it prominently on your website’s home page, publish it via YouTube and Vimeo, share it through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Moreover, email still represents a powerful marketing tool to get your video shared even further. Another way to leverage their distribution is to embed them in certain online directories, such as Yelp and

The fast growing trend is that information is being accessed via mobile devices is only increasing. This fact makes a quick video an ideal avenue to spread your company’s message far and wide. There is no other content like video that can easily and rapidly touch and influence as many new consumers across multiple channels.

Content Marketing = SEO

In 2012, Google initiated major changes in how search results will be delivered. Rapidly dying are the days of having your SEO “guru” add a bunch of questionable links to your website and somehow gimmick it up to the top of page No. 1. Google is now measuring how much content you generate, as well as how often. It is also measuring closely how that content shared via social media. Since Google owns YouTube, it is wise to generate properly optimized video content. The good news is that videos can rank quite high in organic search results. Small business video marketing is an underutilized method that most are not taking advantage of for their local marketing.

It is crucial that your video content includes main key phrases that your business is trying to rank for in online search results. Keep in mind what words your potential customers are using to find you. Follow through once you’ve completed the video, to optimize all descriptions and titles with those keywords to increase your SEO potential.

Fortunately for small businesses, video marketing does not require an enormous budget to launch. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when you start making your videos.

  • Keep your videos short. 2-3 minutes minutes is an optimal length. Your audience’s attention is short, so keep this in mind.
  • You want an emotional connection and the best way to do this? Tell a story. Give something people can relate to within themselves.
  • Involve people in your processes. If you are a restaurant, show them how you make the food.
  • Show how problems are solved the results obtained. People want to be shown how to solve problems and become smarter.
  • By posing the right questions, your viewers will want to answer in a comment section or through a social media channel.

Your video marketing will appeal to an ever-growing audience, conveying your company’s message quickly. Video marketing can become very creative and fun as well. Now is the time to lead the trend in small business marketing. For sure, video is the best way to get your message across, and represents a highly relevant and engaging method to share content that will appeal to mobile users those at home.

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