The biggest challenge with small business marketing is getting the content out of your head and into a blog, video or other format. Too many small business owners and entrepreneurs hold onto their best content unwittingly.

You Have to Move Up & Delegate

Nina Vaca who, in a mere 15 years, has placed her company, Pinnacle, into a position wo provide contingent IT labor to Fortune 500 companies.

“Some [business owners] spend so much time working on their weaknesses and trying to be everything but the problem is that company will only grow to the limits of the talents of that individual,” Vaca says. “You want it to grow to the talents of entire team. It takes a group to move an organization forward. Once owners understand that, they are well on their way to success.”

Building that team is job one for the entrepreneur who shifts, as she did, from a lifestyle business owner to an empire builder. “True leaders understand they don’t have all the answer and they surround themselves with the right talent,” Vaca says.

Small Business Marketing 101

Unless you are building your own dedicated marketing team within your business, you will need to select a reputable and effective marketing firm that will help you create the content you need to engage your target audiences.

If you want to appear in the top of Google’s search results, you need to consistently post quality articles and videos on YouTube. Once you’ve done that, web traffic will gradually start increasing. However, your audience can increase even faster if you share your content across multiple platforms, such as to your email list and your followers on social media.

According to Forbes, brand awareness is the number one goal for B2B small business marketing initiatives in North America. Yet this goal can only be accomplished by those companies who are willing to put in the time to generate it. A lot of patience is required to create brand awareness.

Creating Content is Small Business Marketing

By frequently posting content, any small business is turning the key to getting your audience to trust you and follow your brand with a keen interest.And through leveraging Twitter and Facebook you engage with your consumers. By posing questions at the end of your blog and social media posts, your customers will have the chance to give their own ideas and respond to the thoughts of others. This is how small business marketing increases loyalty to their brand by the use of intelligent, on-point content.

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