The value of the Scientology Tone Scale is immeasurable when it comes to relationships, business and knowing who to trust. Over the last 20 years, I have delivered over 500 lectures to all types of individuals. Many of my workshops were concerning the Scientology Tone Scale. Over the last two decades, I have had the pleasure of meeting with and educating thousands of business professionals, sharing the sheer power and pragmatic usage of the Scientology Tone Scale and what it has to offer in all aspects of life.

Many business people use the Tone Scale as a valuable tool to determine who to hire and where to place people within the organization. The Tone Scale gives amazing insight into someone’s responsibility level, their ability to tell the truth (or not), how well they are at in persisting towards a known goal, as well as many other insights into human behavior.

Now, the Scientology Tone Scale is now available as an app at For those who are interested in finding out more for themselves on what Scientology is, I suggest that you visit the church’s official page, What is Scientology?

The Scientology Tone Scale Described

Tone Scale – The range of different levels of people from lowest to highest. This Tone Scale lists some human emotions—from apathy (lowest) to enthusiasm (highest).

As one rises up the scale from Apathy to Grief, to Fear, to Covert Hostility, to Anger, to Antagonism, to Boredom, to Conservatism, to Cheerfulness, to Enthusiasm, you will also see a rise in vitality, abilities and awareness of the individual.

What is the use of this Tone Scale? It is used to predict human behavior. Ask yourself “Who do you want to have as a friend, associate, partner or spouse?” And while looking over this Tone Scale you can know whether or not they will be loyal, keep their word or be trustworthy, and so you choose your people.

Your success in life will depend on the friends, associates, partners or spouses you keep. It will depend on where they are on the Tone Scale. It also depends on where you are on the Tone Scale.

But can you be fooled? Certainly you can! How? There are two faces people can show you. One is their social face, or their social tone, as it is called. Through education and experience this is the face or tone people learn to put on and show other people. As an example, have you ever asked someone how they were doing and they said “Great,” or “Fine,” and five minutes later you find out they are doing horribly? Well, they only showed you their social face, their social tone. Then there is the person’s chronic tone (or face, attitude or mood). This is their real tone level. It is usually hidden and beneath their social tone. This is the tone level you can only discover by not only listening to the person, but observing his or her actions. What do they do in life? They may, and usually do, seem very social but in life one may see the person betraying others right and left, or just never accomplishing anything worthwhile for anyone, including themselves. This chronic (real) tone is where you’ll find happiness or misery or somewhere in between when dealing with others.

Know your Tone Scale and you will have taken a giant step to leading a happier life because of the people you will choose to be around. If you don’t have a choice, i.e., some of them you have to be around, then at the very least you’ll be able to predict their behavior. And that can put you in the driver’s seat! I have provided here an interview with Patrick Valtin on the invaluable use of the Tone Scale in business.

The animations in this app are included as examples of each tone level and are based in part on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. We have done our best to accurately represent these tone levels for you. If you have any questions about this app, its content or the tone level representations, you can email [email protected]

The Tone Scale was discovered and developed by bestselling author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard, and is just one of the many invaluable discoveries he made in the field of human behavior.

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