Repurposing content ideas begins with an understanding of the word, Repurpose –“To find a new use for an idea, product or asset.”

When you understand the entire concept and depth of the word repurpose, your number one challenge in creating content will become much easier. And that challenge is overwhelm. How do I create all the content that I should be creating? How can I compete with those bigger brands that have writers, marketing staff and those young people managing their social media accounts? By starting out with core content and then developing some strategic repurposing content ideas, you can overcome many challenges in creating and distributing a consistent flow of relative content.

In the content marketing world, the term repurpose refers to the usage of your content that is within one medium and then to use it again, fully or partially, in another medium. When you master the concept and practice of repurposing, you will be able to increase your content output by 200 to 500% with not that much additional effort or inspiration required. Repurposing will rapidly become a top strategy to your branding and social media marketing.

Repurposing Content Ideas Simplified

Before I get into the finer details and actions of repurposing content ideas, let me give you a simple overview of repurposing as a strategic method. Let’s say I write a 500 word blog post that has creative and insightful data about my product or service. Once written and posted, I can now repurpose that blog into a short YouTube video. In fact, my blog post may contain so much valuable and insightful information, that I may be able to create several videos from that blog post.

The audio part of my YouTube video can again now be repurposed into a podcast. Moreover, I can take selective quotes within that original blog post and convert them into 20 small posts or tweets onto my social media channels. These tweets spread out over a period of days, linking back to my original blog post.These are just a few of the repurposing content ideas that can be developed.

Over a year’s time, let’s say you write 100 or a 150 blog posts. All these blog posts can be creatively combined into an eBook, a company brochure or other types of content. This is repurposing. By developing such repurposing content ideas and initiatives, you will be able to maximize your the content that you do create. Additionally, it will appear that you are an endless stream of new content.

The best aspect of repurposing content ideas is that once you are done creating this evergreen content, you can promote it endlessly. You can cross promote your videos by embedding them on your blog; you should promote your presentations on LinkedIn; you can put up the podcast on iTunes and other channels; and you can put all this content on social networks in some form or the other – pictures on Instagram, motivational quotes on Facebook, quick tips on Twitter and so on.

Repurposing your core content in this manner gives you more visibility, better reach and opens up your content to be viewed on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Repurposing content will give the idea that you everywhere at once with less effort that creating new content as your only channel for marketing.

How to Launch Your Repurposing Content Ideas

Repurposing Content Idea No. 1 – Determine the principle product or service that you desire to market. It may be a principle solution or benefit that you may want to feature. For example, you are a life coach that desires to promote a specific workshop on self-confidence and motivation. You know that your target audiences are sales professionals, fellow coaches and entrepreneurs. You need to begin with your target audience(s) in mind.

Repurposing Content Idea No. 2 – List out the 20 to 30 benefits and attributes that can be gained from your target audience(s) from your workshop on self-confidence and motivation. Here would be some simple examples:

  • How to remain motivated during economic recessions
  • Self-confidence and dating
  • How to increase your self-confidence in your new career search
  • The key to staying motivated when your customers say “no.”
  • What kills a salesperson’s motivation
  • How to stay confident when fielding sales objections
  • Why men lose their confidence around women
  • How to motivate your employees to be more productive
  • Why leaders lose their self-confidence in their own abilities

This is an example of how the core ideas of “Self-confidence & Motivation” can be developed into many variations for content marketing purposes. By doing so, you potentially reach broader audiences, as well as the reasons to attend or to call you for your coaching services.

Repurposing Content Idea No. 3 – From these listed titles, create your content around them. While this will mainly be blog posts, these can also be generated as videos, podcasts, webinars and other types of content. If you are writing blog posts, be sure that you are including relevant photos, infographics and links. Ten basic concepts can be thus the foundation for 20-30 unique pieces of content.

Repurposing Content Idea No. 4 – Now repurpose your blog posts and convert each one into a video. For example, you can take the general points of a blog post and summarize them within your video. If the blog post was titled, “The 7 Rules Of Motivation”, you could take your 800 word blog post and summarize these 7 points within 2 – 3 minutes of a video. This video is then uploaded onto YouTube and is linked back to your website. Be sure that you are properly optimizing your video,as this piece of content may be found before the original blog post. I suggest that if you are not familiar with how to create a marketing video or know how to optimize it, then find someone in our area that is an expert in video marketing. It is an exploding field within content marketing, so it should not be difficult to find competent professionals in your area.

Repurposing Content Idea No. 5 – Now take your content and break it up into smaller bits and the beging sharing these as posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. For social media marketing to work effectively with your content strategy, it must be built upon the foundation of great content. For example, I can take my blog post on the “23 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses” and break each tip as a daily tweet or post that I send out on my social media channels. I just created 23 individual tweets and posts with no need to create additional content. The same can be done with very important sentences that coveys important concepts or methods. You may have 10 – 20 of those opportunities in just one blog post or transcript of your YouTube video.

By doing such, you have an endless of amount of tweets and daily posts. And in fact, you can retweet these key concepts and quotes monthly. If you were to have 150 key sentences and quotes, this is 5 tweets per day for an entire month. It is also key to link these posts and tweets back to your original blog post, video or whatever content it originated from. This then creates another opportunity to drive people to your blog post or website.

Repurposing Content Idea No. 6 – Become an author. When you get up to 20,000 to 40,000 words, as a cumulative amount from your many blog posts and videos, you can now combine all this content. This repurposing content idea will position you as a though leader in your area, as authors are highly respected as authorities. Handing someone your book is much more impressive than giving them your business card, not matter how nice that card may be.

You can hire a ghost writer to take all your content and to neatly repurpose it into a book or an eBook. Many ghost writers can be found who are not only quite competent, but who will guide you through the process of publishing. You can check search engines for reliable and competent ghost writers in your area. If you’re on a super tight budget, check with local colleges and universities for those are majoring in writing.  Here are two resources you can check:

Repurposing Content Idea No. 7 – Look into how your content can be further repurposed. Can you make a slideshow presentation from your workshops? Can your videos become placed on a dedicated page on your website for all the videos that you’ve created? How can you take your positive reviews on Yelp and share them on your other social media channels, as well as building up all the best things that people have said about you and placing them all on you “5-Star Review” page on your website? Factually, the possibilities are endless as your creativity and your understanding of all the types of content that one can create.

Repurposing Content Ideas: When You Need Assistance

“All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” – Sun TzuSince ancient times, prudent strategy coupled with cunning tactics has been the secret to victory. Strategy has built grand empires, as well as conquering them with aplomb. The empirical knowledge of strategic planning is the cornerstone to success in content marketing, business and in life.In sports, do you see an NFL coach last long who does not study film and have a comprehensive playbook?

The struggle that too many business professionals and entrepreneurs suffer within sales and marketing is easy to locate. They possess a misguided impulse to put various tactics into random motion, instead of seeing each of them as a connected activity, directed by one all-embracing strategic plan. The result is often a disjointed, ineffective mess that leads companies, large and small, to question the return on investment from their marketing efforts and expenditures.

Strategic planning in marketing is a crucial step to success. By developing a content marketing strategy, we address the necessary steps such as:

  • Market Research & Surveys
  • Buyer Demographics (age, income level, status)
  • Buyer Mindset (habits, emotional buttons, personal views)
  • Mission Statement
  • Branding
  • Communication
  • Repurposing Content Ideas
  • Pricing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Distribution Channels
  • Public Relations & Media
  • Sales Management Policies
  • Sales Education Procedures
  • Collateral Material
  • Review & Evaluation

Strategic planning in marketing results in a more efficient use of resources, finance and personnel, while reaping higher return from your marketing budget. To reap the maximum benefits with a content marketing strategy one needs to develop first effective strategy. Contact me when you are ready to take your marketing to the next level of profits and achievement.

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