Rave Reviews

“Edwin is at the TOP of the game. You can trust him to always show up 100% and bring the energy!”

Grant Cardone, New York Times bestselling author

“Edwin Dearborn is a passionate advocate for helping small businesses. Edwin shows you how to avoid marketing cliches and distill the essence of what makes your company stand out.”

Dorie Clark, frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur

“Edwin delivers and has a strong background of delivering what is promised!”

Patrick Clouden, CEO of  Consumer Energy Solutions

“You have a VERY good grasp of branding Edwin, rare amongst folks I run into, so Bravo!”

David Brier, nationally recognized branding expert

“I wanted to share with you a secret weapon I’ve been using to boost my sales the past few months. His name is Edwin Dearborn and the results he’s helped me achieve have been outstanding. Within the first month of working with Ed, he helped me gain over a million dollars in new assets and the second month, another 1.5 million. On top of that, he’s helped me supersize my reach on the Internet to new prospects through Google News, Yahoo News, retweets to tens of thousands and having my articles emailed to over 250,000 subscribers at a time.”

Craig Brockie, CEO of ContrarianAdvisors.com

“I have been using Edwin’s services for the past year and I must say that my office is more organized; I have learned so much from him. He coaches me daily on what I should do and how to increase my sales daily. He also works on our marketing strategy so it is more productive. Our revenue has increased drastically. I highly recommend Edwin for all your marketing and sales need.”

– Rawaa Hadid, Co-owner of Pasadena Weight Loss Center

“Edwin Dearborn brings to his executive clients a panoply of experience and know-how not commonly found among executive coaches and consultants. Coupled with his passion and ability to deliver excellent service and better-than-expected results, C-level business executives help to contribute to a better, healthier America by finding new pathways to stability and expansion.”

Ronald Joseph Kule, internationally acclaimed author

“Edwin has a diverse background in helping businesses grow. He is a great asset to your business! I agree with his approach that businesses need to focus their growth on being referable and implement referral systems. In 2013, Edwin and I are collaborating to help businesses and brands reach a bigger audience with valuable content marketing and outside-the-box influential ideas and strategies to our networks. Simply put, Edwin is a great guy to connect with. I appreciate his insight.”

Lisa Caprelli, Radio Show Host

“Edwin Dearborn has been undoubtedly one of my greatest allies and mentor over the last 3 years. I met him when I had been tasked to run a marketing program in Orange County, CA at NonSurgical Medical Group headed by Dr. James Hall in 2011. Edwin was privately contracted as a consultant for the medical offices marketing campaign. Under his leadership and advice we were able to turn what were only 2-3 new customer visits per month to 6-9 new visits per week. He walked and guided me through all the processes and techniques I needed to be successful there and to help promote the medical offices objectives and goals. Beyond this Edwin has stayed a great friend and advisor with other positions I have held and other avenues I have been interested in looking into. I would recommend his services, advice, and friendship to anyone who is willing to better their career circumstances and who need a truly innovative eye at the marketing world.”

Laura Namaky, Divisional Sales Director

“We have worked with Edwin Dearborn for several years. He has done a phenomenal job in marketing and promoting our multi-doctor Orange County spinal rehabilitation practice. We have worked with several advertising and marketing professionals over the years. Most are simply interested in ‘selling’ you the latest advertising gimmick of the week whether or not it makes any sense for your particular business or industry. I am most impressed with Ed’s ability to ‘diagnose’ the needs of his clients which he uses to develop a business-specific marketing and promotional plan. I would highly recommend Ed for the marketing and promotion needs of any business, big or small.”

Dr. Ken Erickson, D.C., owner of Irvine Family Health Center

“I often have people come in to my store and with a concerned tone ask, ‘How’s business going?  You guys doing all right with the economy?’  I always get to look up with a smile on my face and say, “Great!  We’ve had an increase in gross sales of 15% each year over the past three years.”  Yes, you heard me right, each year.  Why you ask?  A huge thanks to Edwin for his marketing expertise which has continually proven to be spot on. Whenever I have a question or I need advise on how to handle a situation, Edwin seems to know exactly what’s needed. We started working with Edwin in the beginning of 2010 and I don’t see us stopping anytime soon!”

– Cindi Boyer, owner of Custom Wood Shutters & Blinds

“Edwin is a person I would trust and work with, as I have for many years. His attention to detail and his work ethic is stellar. I would recommend Edwin to any of my family, friends and clients.”

Kevin Richards, owner of KNR Consulting Group

“Edwin does a great job of making sure all decisions are based on facts and what is really a) happening and b) going to bring about the desired result. He is very knowledgeable and quite easy to work with.”

– Matt D’Rion, CMO of Worry Free Consulting

“Edwin knows marketing better than anyone I know. He gives the advise of a learned man. His knowledge is experience based and when he helps you make a marketing strategy, IT WORKS!”

– Donna Rybacki, owner of American Senior Home Finders

“I’ve known Mr. Dearborn for many years. His sales and marketing background is born from hard-won success and his ethics level is, in my opinion, beyond reproach. Any company would benefit from his services no matter the industry, no matter the scope… he is that good!”

Dan Rieke, Executive Director of All Global Resources

“I’ve known Edwin for 20 years. He is one of the hardest working guys I know. He’s always been immersed in seeking out the best marketing campaigns, methods and technologies. His ideas are innovative and fresh. He gets my highest recommendation.”

Robert Lippman, owner of RSVP Orange County

“Edwin is a top notch executive who brings a skill set of which combines razor sharp management by statistics with a true understanding of what motivates individuals to reach various personal goals and corporate objectives. His track record consistently shows fantastic results in a wide variety of corporate initiatives. I believe Edwin would succeed in any venture he set his sights on!”

Jeff Miller

“From my experience with Edwin, he is an astute marketer who really knows what he is talking about and who can demonstrate his command of the subject by increasing business volume for a company while making it look fairly easy. It is his skill in getting the end result that makes him invaluable to his clients. Over the years I learned the difference between wannabe marketers and those who were expert. Edwin most assuredly falls into the expert category.”

Bill Johonnesson, Management Consultant

“Working with Edwin has been a life changer. I find that he is full of ideas and has a unique look at things – always moving you forward. He is unmatched in his dedication and courage to get the job done. This is one of those people you really want on your team.”

Clayton Hockenbery, owner of Hockenbery & Assoc

“Edwin is a great communicator and gets his product. His calm manner sets people at ease and he always does what he has promised. He was a great asset to our company. I’d hire him again, tomorrow.”

Jack Potter, Creative Director