A hashtag is a great way to bring people together around a topic on Twitter. All that is required is to just add a hash symbol (#) to the front of a word and encourage others to add it to their tweets about the same topic. Everyone can easily find these tweets by searching for the hashtag on Twitter Search.

So, how can we create a lasting meme? Simple. Make it happen weekly. Much of this started with the genius of @micah’s #followfriday. But hey, why stop with #followfriday? Sunday is a day too!

#SMTA – Sunday Night Movie Tweet-Along

#blogchat – A weekly chat, taking place on Sundays, that is designed to help participants better their personal and business blogging habits. A great resource for advice for new and experienced bloggers alike.

#SundayFunday – Having fun on this day!

#SundayBrunch – Sharing the best meal of the week.

#SundaySupper – Tell us about the second best meal of the week.

#Sunday – Too easy to pass up as the obvious choice. Get creative and keep us updated on your day

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