As a personal branding expert and published author on the subject, I know that creating and distributing engaging and helpful content is one of the most powerful, proven methods to generate brand awareness, as well as increasing consumer interest and your sales leads.

But like most business owners and startups, you lack the time and in-house resources to consistently create high-quality content.

I have developed a marketing program that has found the sweet spot between personal branding and SEO. My team and I accomplish this very promise by positioning you as a Premier Exert within your field with engaging and professional content.

According to Inc. Magazine, “92 percent of B2B customers watch online video and 43 percent of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business.” With the Premier Expert program, we exploit this very fact for your personal branding and marketing initiatives. Personal branding is best supported with video content featuring your expertise and knowledge.

Personal Branding Expert Advice: Create Unique Content

Your branded content and SEO challenges are now solved with our “Premier Expert” done-for-you program. By producing and distributing a consistent level of high-quality content, such as videos, blog posts and podcasts, my team will position you as the Premier Expert within your field. Moreover, you will unleash the secret to perfect SEO, creating more followers and inbound leads for your personal brand and company.

The “Premier Expert” program can be produced for any business or startup. From healthcare practices, business coaches, tech companies, real estate agents, financial professionals, restaurants and even for Fortune 5,000 corporations – our marketing platform can be tailored to any personal branding project.

What The “Premier Expert” Program Includes:

1.)   Keyword research for the top 50 Keywords and longtail phrases is conducted based on the most optimum services and/or products that the client wants to publicize, market and sell to his targeted audiences. This list of keywords will be given to you to keep. (A $1,500 value)

2.)   One-on-one assistance in creating the outline for the event, which includes how the keywords and your existing content will be delivered in a natural and contextual manner, thus dovetail all elements for optimized content in the future.

3.)   Coaching on how to promote the event so that you get 20-30 from your personal contacts, existing client base, potential clients and any sales reps or prospects for all of the above.

4.)   Film crew that will have two video cameras to shoot the entire event. This gives us two different perspectives to use for the video.

5.)   Once the event is completed, you will receive within 3 weeks of the end of the event:

  • The video in full.
  • The transcript of the video in full. You can then give this entire body of content to a ghost writer to then convert into your book. (Note: all costs to create and promote your book are not included in our package price.)
  • The transcript is broken up into 50 blog posts. (These will be cut up and should be polished up, added to, etc., by you or your staff before embedding them into your blog.)
  • 50 individual videos, which will have the keywords pertaining to each, as well as what copy and keyword “tags” will need to go with each video. YouTube allows written text to be added to their videos.
  • One-on one-coaching with you and your team on how to properly optimize your blog posts with the Yoast plug-in. Moreover, how to optimize your YouTube videos with the same written content, but edited, from the corresponding transcript.
  • 50 individual postcasts, which are the audio sections of the videos. These can be placed onto iTunes. Your team will need to build your own channel for this.
  • Coaching on how your team will distribute your content throughout the year, via email and social media, with the use of automated platforms such as HootSuite.
  • Downloads of the video and podcasts will be up to your team, but you will be educated on how to do this.
  • Coaching on potential resources (ghostwriters, book cover designers, etc.) on you can leverage to create your own book.

Personal Branding Expert Shows You How to Become an Author

Now, here’s where our program becomes really exciting. I will demonstrate to you how this same content can then be repurposed into a book, elevating your prestige even further by helping you to become a published author. It is possible to create 6 months to an entire year’s worth of content with only a couple of days of your time. Too good to be true? Well, this is what can now be accomplished with our “Premier Expert” program. My marketing program is so unique and powerful, that we are now in discussion with a patent attorney on how to trademark our program.

As a personal branding expert, I know that this program is a complete game changer on how you can brand and market yourself as a Premier Expert. It will leave your competitors wondering why so many people are now turning to you for advice, as well as why you are expanding so fast with new business.

Contact me for a free discovery call to see if we are a right fit for each other. When we do talk, we can discuss prices and further details about this marketing program. Contact me today by calling 714-300-9566 or email me at [email protected]

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