Orange County, CA – Becoming a social media expert may seem trivial to some, but highly attractive to others. Many leading business magazines and research reports continue to tout the value of social media to reach new audiences and develop new business.

Because many small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups are strapped for cash, as well as having limited staff resources, engaging in social media ends up becoming another “hat to wear” among all else they have to achieve within a day’s work. But within that work comes the necessity to promote and market one’s brand effectively. And one cannot avoid social media any longer if one is going to remain relevant and competitive.

How To Become Your Own Social Media Expert

Step One – Experts in any field embrace learning. Even if you read a few chapters a week of some insightful books from social media experts, within 6 months to a year you will be in the top 1% of sage-sounding people within your field. A great book to begin with is The New Rules of Marketing & PR”, by David Meerman Scott.

Step Two – Choose a social media platform or two that you are going to concentrate on. Most likely your choices will be LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. By becoming expert in one, versus bumbling around with many, you will learn faster and generate better results. I personally like LinkedIn as it is the best B2B platform to utilize, as well as the fact that it allows you to link your posts automatically to your Twitter feed.

Step Three – Social media will go no further than the quality content that you create and share from others. Social media simply represents a communication channel, not the message that travels back and forth on that channel. I have identified over 50 types of content that are unique and highly effective. I suggest that you start with a blog. If you are not good at writing, then ask others who are to guest post on yours. As well, creating videos is highly effective with social media channels. The bare minimum would be to generate some emails and to share interesting articles and quotes until you develop some better skills and curate additional resources.

Step Four – Be consistent on your messaging and posting. I read one article that stated that 60% of the people on Twitter quit after their first week. Social media is not some silver bullet that will have masses of people beating down your door. From my experience, success in social media requires consistent level of posting to generate attention, respect and reaches for your products & services. You will only become a social media expert through practice and continual application.

Step Five – Network with other ambitious people who are also striving to become a social media expert. There are some great people out there who are über passionate about social media and online marketing. I strongly urge you to connect with them and share notes, experiences and success actions. You need to build a network of trusted social media fanatics who will not only help you grow, but will share your content along their own social channels.

Step Six – Now based on some experience and getting your fingernails dirty, actually develop a comprehensive social media and content marketing strategy. You need to have a written and well-formulated plan on how you will take your skill-sets and achievements to a higher level of performance.

Step Seven – Go for broke by dramatically building up the number of followers. Size matters and you want thousands and thousands of followers. I have never purchased any followers and I think it is a bad idea. Here are 12 ways you can build up Twitter followers in a correct way.

Step Eight – Rack your brains and answer this question, “How can I become a major influence through social media?” Those who are obsessed and ambitious always generate more success, revenue and fun for themselves.

Let Me Help You Become A Social Media Expert

As a Marketing & Leadership Coach, I have helped tens of thousands of professionals through workshops, as well as one-on-one. Contact me if you want to take your game to a higher, more profitable level.

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