In the middle of December 2012, I was referred to the Pasadena Weight Loss Center by a mutual friend. They offer a unique weight loss coaching service as their products are all natural, using no addictive medical drugs. They offer highly personalized coaching in a city that is perfect for their boutique services. They have been in business for about four years and needed marketing assistance.

Groupon and some referrals is all that they were doing to generate a small level of clientele. After we met, analyzed what could be done within their marketing budget, they hired me to direct them on a course that would build up their know-how and skills to use various means at attracting more ideal clientele. We began with a written program of exact actions and we met and coordinated weekly. We began using social media, instigating more emails as well as offering various packaged deals to inspire people to sign up for bigger, more substantial weight loss programs.

Only after 4 months of diligent work, expanding our marketing efforts to additional income sources, as well as better presenting the weight loss packages to those that did respond, last week Pasadena Weight Loss Center had their highest ever in weekly income! Moreover, they are on target for their highest ever in monthly income since they opened four years ago! Here is the the tweet I received from them today.

@edwindearborn I can’t thank you enough for all you guidance and help in consulting our business . You rock!