Are you an Orange County, CA business that needs a Google SEO guide?

Creating great content and getting it distributed through social channels is important. In fact, it is what 90% of your competitors are not doing. But creating great content alone will not spell success in getting your site to the top of search engine rankings. The Google SEO guide to success is: Great Content + SEO + Social Sharing = Success. Optimizing your content for local search still requires that you pay attention to best Google SEO guide tactics.

Feeding Google The Right Nutrients

If your website is static, creating no content or online engagement with reviews and social sharing, you will not rank high within any search engine, particularly Google. How well you interact with your community with fresh, relative and optimized content is what Google wants to see any business engaging in. As I wrote in my recent blog post, How To Feed The Google Hummingbird, you will need to create a website and content that answers questions and is active in providing real-time information and engagement.

You content needs to answer questions, provide needed information and to give your followers reasons to come back for even more, as well as sharing what they have found. If you content answers the common questions of How, What, Why, Where and Who as a regular practice, you will find your content tending to rank higher and higher.

Your Best Google SEO Guide Tactics

Here are Google SEO tactics to make sure you are getting the most out of local marketing:

  • Google Places – Set up a Google Places account. Ensure that you spend careful time filling out all your information. You must include photos, address, hours, special offerings and videos In description fields. And be sure to properly place keywords within your content, but don’t go too crazy. Moreover, establish your accounts with Bing Local and Yahoo Local. Claiming your spot on Google Places also enables your business to appear for Google+ Local mobile searches.
  • Utilize geo-targeted keywords – Include city names in your title, h2, meta tags, and content, such as blogs, FAQ, YouTube videos and pages.
  • Include “Contact Us” & “About” pages to target local terms – Be sure to include business hours, directions, and contact info. If you’re a restaurant, include a menu as well. Use this content as additional opportunities to reinforce your location.
  • Leverage positive reviews – Good reviews provide you with a major advantage as this “micro content” is important to search engines, but more important to those who are looking to peer reviews as to where to conduct business.By survey, online reviews are 90% of the determining factor of why a business is chosen by new clientele.
  • Engage with social media – Social media followers should be build up routinely. These followers need to engaged with so as to build long-lasting relationships. Social media is increasingly vital for your page rankings, as Google considers content that is shared to be valuable.
  • Use Pay-per-click ads with landing pages –  Pay-per-click ads, that target local people via Facebook and a landing page, can drive in local business fast and profits to higher levels.
  • Guest blogging –Build relationships with local bloggers. Ask if you can contribute articles on their sites, as well as having them write up articles on your business or activities. Links from bloggers are valuable in the eyes of Google.
  • Local directories rank high in local search –There are a number of business directories you can get reviews in, giving you solid links that can improve your ranking and make it easy for searchers to find your local business. This is a crucial Google SEO guide tactic for more local traffic.
  • Become mobile friendly –People often use their mobile devices when they are searching for a local businesses. In fact, over 50% of searches for local businesses are conducted through mobile devices. Mobile friendly sites will get more traffic, thus will improve your rankings.
  • Offline Advertising – You need to reach out with you printed collateral material, such as letterhead, business cards, trade shows, giving lectures and community events are still crucial to connecting with people and creating life-long clients. These events can drive people to your website to find out more about you.

Your Small Business and My Google SEO Guide

These are just a few ways that you can market your business on Google, other search engines, as well as creating great content that gets shared on social media. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have opportunities to create many more new clients with this Google SEO guide. If you need help with your marketing strategy, feel free to call me now for a free marketing evaluation.

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