An online media center that is “content-centric” is a marketing model that the business world will need to grasp and develop in the post Google Hummingbird world. Still today, with all the talk and demand for real-time content curation, most small businesses and entrepreneurs have not adapted their online marketing to be relevant for online search or within their own marketplace.

Most websites represent the world on Don Draper of Mad Men. It is a world of catchy sayings that promote outwards, attempting to persuade until they purchase. While content marketing is also ultimately accountable in increasing revenue, it is the method of how we go about it in today’s world of “permission marketing”. This new world demands that we elevate our website into an online media center.

Advertising is a one-way communication channel. Public relations and great online marketing is a two-way channel. Life is a two-way communication highway when it is successful and productive. But when you examine the vast majority of websites, they are not two-way or content-centric. They are no more than an online, static brochure. They fit the outdated, Don Draper model.

Online Media Center Vs. Static Website

The key is to change our thinking and strategy, so as to establish with clarity, how we want to communicate our brand. Moreover, how do we want our brand received and perceived? Without a marketing strategy built upon two-way communication, we are not paralleling the needs of Life itself.

What Elevates A Website Into An Online Media Center?

Here are some integral aspects that must be incorporated so you can elevate your online marketing:

  • You have developed and written a comprehensive marketing strategy and program for your online media center.
  • Marketing research and curation is a regular activity.
  • Blogging is a also regular activity. Two to three times a week as a minimum.
  • Your blogs include the tactic of “Newsjacking” to increase SEO value and relevance in your field.
  • Guest blogging is a key part of your content-centric strategy. Allowing guest bloggers to write for your site, as well as having your brand writing guest blog posts on other sites.
  • Content is regularly shared across multiple social media channels.
  • Social media is fully utilized to track trends and engage with your audience.
  • Free and valuable offers, such as ebooks, white papers, etc., are made available.
  • Automated marketing is in place to follow up and nurture your inquiries into sales or members.
  • Video is utilized liberally so that your brand is found in key search terms, as well as featuring successes, document case studies, and offering insight into your company and products/services.
  • Email is engaged regularly with branded communications, such as newsletters, webinars, product offers, as well as informing your audience of your best content.
  • Online press releases are utilized correctly and your site has a “Media Room”. It features any and all positive press coverage, as well as key information on the company and whom to contact.
  • Reviews on Yelp and Google+ and encouraged and managed. Moreover, you are responding to all reviews and addressing any unhappy clientele in a civil manner.

Your Online Media Center Is Your “Digital Outreach” Platform

Think of it this way: You area starting a newspaper, television station and radio station all rolled into one. Online marketing will succeed into today’s world when you adopt the mind-set and the strategy of a publisher, not that of an advertiser.

Publishers invite us to become curious, to explore and to think with information that we find valuable, insightful or entertaining. Advertisers tend to overwhelm us with a message, trying to persuade us to buy and to buy again, no questions asked.

Brand Loyalty & The Online Media Center

Brand loyalty is no longer built on that Don Draper model as the consumer has so many more choices. The consumer also has access to a vast amount of online information to study and third-party reviews to judge you buy before committing to a purchase. This is why an online media center, that includes some of what I described above, is crucial to your online marketing endeavors.

The time to act is now before the rest of your competition learns that “Content is the new SEO”. Contact me to help you develop a truly impacting strategy that will generate more clientele and a higher value for your brand.

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