The first point of argument and contention to my blog post will be that I do not posses the legal nor the educational background to validate what is stated within the title herein. I and my blog post will be seemingly easy to nullify, particularly if you have had your education financed by the Rockefeller Foundation at any Ivy League institution.

I possess no degree, nor can do I have the ability to speak in double tongues with an East Coast accent. Slightly above average in I.Q., I have studied more than most Americans. Regardless, this lack of formal education easily establishes myself as a target for those entrenched in social engineering, heavy drinking and John Mayer songs, currently referred to as “college educated.”

Obamacare (Affordable Health Care for America Act, or HR 3962) is not affordable, nor it is an act that Congress could ethically propose as constitutionally valid under the US Constitution. Without getting into long-winded arguments, one simply needs to understand the mind-set, not only the literalness of the words used, by the very authors and influencers of the US Constitution.

Case in point: President Calvin Coolidge said, “If we are to maintain the great heritage bequeathed to us, we must be like minded as the Founders who created. We must follow the spiritual and moral leadership which they showed.”

For an understanding of what lead our Forefathers to write these words is as important as the words themselves. The intent and moral leadership which drove our forefathers to draft the US Constitution in particular (primarily overseen by James Madison) is important data in which to evaluate its relativity and applicability.

Both the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were set into action after years of heavy taxation from the British Crown. The authors of both documents looked to the philosophy and writings of English philosopher, John Locke, for inspiration. Locke advanced the principle of the “consent of the governed” in his Two Treatises of Government. Government’s duty under a Social Contract among the sovereign people was to serve the governed by protecting their individual rights. These basic rights were “life, libert and property”. One’s pay is factually one’s property.

How can a central government arbitrarily take any person’s pay under the guise of a tax? Just because Congress now call this a tax versus enforced commerce does not justify the confiscation of one’s property. This is a deliberate attempt to subjugate people to a commercial service. In a word, this has been a matter of semantics. Call it a tax and now it is constitutional, which SCOTUS bought hook, line and sinker.

Article I of the US Constitution gives Congress the ability to regulate commerce and levy tax. And it was with this basis that Obamacare was utilizing to state that mandatory healthcare was simply a tax. But in actual fact, this was now mandating the absolute necessity to enforce commerce of a particular product or service for Americans. This is not just by suggestion, but now the power of the IRS is a extension of Obamacare to enforce and collect these taxes. This is government of the people? Was this the change that we voted for? Extend this logic, and taxes could be levied to enforce what we eat, what drugs or vaccines to give our children, where we live and a host of other arbitrary factors in our lives.

Propagandists are experts in manipulating, with Ivy League eloquence, the redefining of important and key terms. Traditionally hired by newspapers, industrialists and political agencies and parties, propagandists seek to develop new or enforce current mind sets with well propagated definitions.

As authored by infamous PR man, Edward Bernays, his book Propaganda clearly lays out the techniques of subjugating the masses with a government sponsored message to make was once was abhorred, now admired. Once opposed to WWI, Americans soon desired to beat the “German Hun” after years of propagandizing them as beasts and inhuman. Their PR campaigns are well researched as to what are “hot buttons” so as to thus push these buttons via their many media channels and education & health foundations.

This is what George Orwell was referring to in his seminal work, 1984. In Orwell’s book, Newspeak became the language of government. The basic idea behind Newspeak was to remove all shades of meaning from language, leaving simple dichotomies (pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, good thoughts and thought crimes) which had the prime purpose to reinforce the total dominance of the State over the individual choices of the governed.

In such a case, SCOTUS upheld Obamacare as it was a tax, not enforced commerce. This simply is a modern version of Newspeak. In reality, the American people are now coerced into purchasing a commercial product/service, in violation of of the social contract to have limited government so as to protect the governed.

Any contract can be violated. And like any contract, it is as good as it followed and enforced. For having a contract does not assure either side that it will be followed, much less understood over a period of time. As most Americans are not properly educated on the US Constitution (by design), how can one we assure that the contract is strictly adhered to?

Ignorance of the document and the contract opens the door to propagandists and politicians to play upon on emotions and fears. And with an America populace more medicated than educated, more enthralled with celebrity headlines than issues that effect their well-being, it is easy to see how such a mess came about.

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