I’m blogging my movie review of Obama 2016 literally a half an hour of walking out from my local theater. The ending was not only powerful, but endeared me to the very dream engendered in 1776 – That I have a voice, a responsibility and the power to change what I see as destructive to my God-given rights.

It is amazing to me that we can, still in this great nation, have the opportunity and freedom to document to some degree the formative aspects of the life of our current leader. Moreover, that I can walk out of that theater with no fear of reprisal or suppression is a testament of the American dream. To question authority has been a national treasure instilled by Thomas Jefferson.

The movie itself was constructed in a very logical and sequential matter. Facts, names, times, locations and other pertinent factors were all well stated and documented. There were two main narrators: The first being from author, Dinesh D’Souza, and the other being from the very recorded words of President Barack Obama.

Of course, this movie’s release has been timed perfectly, depending on who you are and which side of the political fence you sit on. Those who are Obama supporters will most likely dismiss the film without ever giving it a view. For them, this is not a good time to see this movie. It will surely challenge and make you question if you have had any serious questions as to who our President really is. Additionally, if you have felt a bit dismayed at that lack of CHANGE, it will fill in some gaps.

The film takes a literal time-line tour of the family life of President Obama, mainly concentrating on the life of his father. It clearly illustrates that President Obama is carrying forward a “Life Continuum” of his father’s radical, anti-colonialism beliefs and connections. Like father, Barack Obama had surrounded himself as he grew up with card carrying Marxists, left wings radicals and others who shared the view that America had to be downsized and debased through unsound economic measures, such as high taxation and the government seizure of production.

These points are not only depicted and recalled from the views of those who oppose President’s recent measures within his first term, but from the documented connections and history of the life of our current President. Throughout the movie, these points are best articulated by none other than from the President himself, from the audio book, Dreams From My Father.

The biggest challenge will be having enough curiosity or sense to see this documentary. The second challenge will be to overcome any pre-existing ideas, pro or con, before viewing it and giving the film and the President the benefit of the doubt. And the third one will be to answer this question, “What do I now do now knowing what I have personally witnessed?”

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