My Newsjacking Book Review

Truth be told, I am a big follower of David Meerman Scott. His book, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” is a must read that I have recommended to hundreds of people. Newsjacking is his newest, and just may be his most important read.

As I see the fast paced world of real time marketing becoming our greatest assets or bane, I of course had to read his new Newsjacking Book. Less than 100 pages, this is a pithy read for those who want to increase their presence and relevance within the online community.

The fact that I am writing about it is a simple example of newsjacking. The book describes the most powerful means of getting your content found, in that you make it timely and relative to the news of the world, your industry or anything worthy of being positioned with your message or product.

Want More Traffic: Then Newsjack In Real Time

I enjoyed it very much as it gave what tools and know-how that one can utilize to track the news and use it to one’s benefit. This will not be that eye-opening to those already savvy with online marketing, but it is a must read for even the self-described guru. I would like to see more examples of how to utilize these tools, but this is not a major point. Maybe we could see future videos or interviews with Mr. Scott with those who have successfully “newsjacked” a story.

Additionally, I would like to see more examples of small to medium businesses using his know-how in future blog posts. Overall, I recommend this Newsjacking book highly. For less than my lunch burger I learned a ton of pragmatic know-how, rife with examples that I can easily emulate as a blogger.

As a note, this is my first blog post from my new iPad.

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