Are you considering a mid-career change? Here are some personal branding tips to help you place yourself where you want to be to launch a successful start-up, small business or your new life at an ideal career.

Motivated by boredom, mental burnout or by that brilliant idea that keeps you up at night, more and more mid-career professionals are saying goodbye to early retirement and their corporate comfort zones. They see a future in launching their second acts in business or personal development.

More than 23 percent of entrepreneurs starting companies are ages 55 to 64, up from 14 percent in 1996, according to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, which tracks start-up activity. Chalk that up to longer lifespans and the need to save more for retirement. Additionally, decades of corporate experience and savings could mean an easier entry into a later-year second act. But once in, the usual entrepreneurial risks are not only present, they can also be amplified by the fact there’s less time to recover from any setbacks. This is why personal branding is so important to determine not only the path to take, but how to come out the gate as fast as possible to garner the much anticipated success that lies ahead.

Baby Boomers Staying In the Workforce

Studies show that up to 80 percent of baby boomers plan to do some sort of paid work until age 70 to stay mentally sharp, keep engaged socially and achieve financial security in retirement. With three or more decades after age 50 to work, play and give back, “This isn’t just a new stage of life, it’s a new stage of work, and one for which there is a lot of confusion and few models of what constitutes success,” says Marc Freedman, CEO of the California-based think tank Civic Ventures.

Mid-Career Change & Personal Branding

Branding is a term that is thrown around so loosely. Most think it means a logo that is plastered all over our marketing materials. The definition that I created for the word Brand is, “Your Distinctive, Indispensable Attributes and Value.”

Depending on where you path will take you, it is crucial that you take inventory of yourself and answer these critical questions:

  • What makes you distinctive?
  • What makes you indispensable?
  • What are your best attributes, professionally and personally?
  • What value do you bring to a company and/or the world?
  • What is the quality of your “e-footprint?” (Blogs, social media profiles, photos, videos, etc.)

Personal branding experts provide experience in how to navigate these waters and clearly point a clear path on how to develop a powerful personal brand that is authentic and that will resonate with others. The biggest mistake in personal branding is not having a specific message/ Without a specific message image, you have not truly developed a brand brand that will propel your mid-career change.

Mid-Career Change: One Man’s Story

Steve Belanger, a former vice president at Time Inc. and now the host of “The Gamut with Steve Belanger,” shared why he left his six-figure job to pursue his true passion. “I was living between two worlds. I had these creative aspirations and my job was great, it was as good as I hoped it could get, but it still wasn’t enough.”

Belanger had to be honest with himself about what it was he really wanted. “The money is not all it’s cracked up to be. I really wanted to be fulfilled. After I quit, it was like the sun had come out. I was pursuing what I wanted to do. It’s a great feeling when you’re in charge.”

Let’s Work Together on Your Mid-Career Change

As someone who has had personally undergo the personal reinvention phase, I have the expertise and insight on how to help you with your personal branding, which may include any or all of the following items:

  • Personally Branded Logo
  • Personally Branded Marketing Plan
  • Personally Branded Web Site
  • Professionally shot personal photography and video content
  • Personally Branded Twitter Page
  • Personally Branded Facebook Page
  • Engaging, complete LinkedIn Profile
  • Personally Branded Keyword Research

A strong online personal brand for any consultant, entrepreneur or small business owner is an essential to developing a new business or mid-career change. Interested individuals today will undoubtedly always search and explore everything they can about the person they may do business with and all client references. Maintaining a strong, positive, visible personal brand online takes a sound plan and related execution. Don’t miss out on new business opportunities. Take your personal online brand seriously and contact me today.

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