Mentoring In Business

Mentoring in business is about providing programs to help executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners find their exact path towards a meaningful and profitable career.

For workers who are seeking to change direction in their industry, climb to the next level, or adjust to a merger or structural change at their company, management experts say finding a mentor could be their best transitional tool. Where can an ambitious person find a mentor? While there are several competent ones in practice, I believe that bring a high of experience in my 18 year tenure as a CEO or a large non-profit. Moreover, I bring enthusiasm and a tough mindset in accomplishing challenging goals.

The benefits of mentoring in business is far-reaching. In addition to improving managerial skills, companies and businesses that provide this type of program will attract better employees. People are attracted to organizations that help them grow and learn. For the whole purpose of talent attraction and talent retention today, mentoring is an integral aspect of any modern HR protocol.

Goal Orientation & Mentoring In Business

Proper planning and exact execution of written goals will lead to success and sustainable profits. Steps need to be discussed of how to accomplish the goals. The assigned tasks along the way that will require additional attention in reaching them, always taking into account available resources. As a Mentor, it is my C-level experience that will be able to advise the best ways to succeed along your chosen path.

Strengths, weaknesses, and skills of both parties can be be discussed. I encourage that we work together to help both sides of the relationship develop professionally. Here are some great guidelines I like to follow, as featured by Forbes, regarding mentoring in business:

  • Set clear objectives for yourself in your business growth. Decide exactly what it is you need mentoring on before you start thinking of the ideal person to work with. A successful financial executive probably isn’t a good mentor for building and executing a great marketing strategy. If you don’t have an objective, you won’t know when you arrive.
  • Work, study, and practice continually to solidify the guidance. The very best mentors are the most interested in helping someone who is willing to learn and grow quickly. That doesn’t mean you should accept any guidance blindly, but it does mean no time making excuses, and an honest effort to understand and implement action items.
  • Don’t ask for too much time or make a nuisance of yourself. Remember, the best mentors are busy people, and they may be opposed to someone trying to take up a lot of their time. The best approach is to ask for small focused blocks of time, maybe just ten minutes, in private, and be prepared with real issues to discuss.
  • When you meet with a mentor, you should lead the discussion. Your mentor should not be driving your business, or expected to provide critical feedback on actions taken or missed. It’s most effective if the entrepreneur proposes the agenda and drives for specific insights, but never forgets to press the mentor for broader or related implications.
  • Remember the difference between a mentor, a friend, and a coach. Expect a mentor to tell you what you need to hear, not like a friend who may tell you what you want to hear. A business coach is focused on helping you with generic skills, whereas a mentor’s aim is to teach you based on specific situations. The same person can’t be all of these.
  • On a regular basis, send a note to communicate progress and current tasks. There is nothing that makes a potential mentor more open to helping you than your making it clear that you are following through, and the help is doing you some good. This is also a good way to hand out and follow up on assignments to your mentor.
  • Keep the relationship positive and productive. If a mentor proves to be unresponsive or on a different wavelength, bow out of the relationship immediately. Be aware that mentors are usually in a business position that can hurt you as well as help you, so don’t waste their time or antagonize them.

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