This is a guest blog post from The Agency’s Co-Founder/Matchmaker, Toni Bergquist

Matchmaking Services Orange County – A Small Business Tale

Orange County, CA – After working in the entertainment industry for 18-years and really feeling like I wanted to do something more for people I was offered a wonderful opportunity to run a social club for singles in Orange County, CA. At the time I was living in Los Angeles and several of my friends had moved to Orange County so I knew it was my new place to call home. I wanted a change and this was just what the (love) doctor ordered.

My husband and I moved and we settled into a cute little cottage in Irvine, close enough to Laguna Beach. We spent several years building a social club for singles with great events that singles would actually want to attend. When all was said and done, the owners sold the company, yet my passion for helping singles meet great people was far from fulfilled. I had a plan and luckily even more success was on the horizon.

I’m a career woman and I love working and making a difference in peoples lives. I worked in the entertainment industry for so long, working at a magazine to being a talent manager to casting national commercials but something was missing.  Moving to Orange County and working at the social club I realized how much I loved meeting with singles and trying to help them with love and relationship guidance. I decided to target a matchmaking firm that I wanted to work for. With my experience, passion, and drive it did not take long to get an interview and I was hired on the spot.

Matchmaking Services Orange County: A Mission of Integrity

I could tell right away my instincts were spot on – I was a great matchmaker with integrity. I knew my value and based on the success of my matches, several relationships, happy clients and a marriage proposal within my first ninemonths I knew I wanted to buildmy own company.

My husband and I decided there was no better time than the present to get started with The Agency. And so it began,I called my dear friend and mentor (another matchmaker) who said yes and made this possible. I couldn’t imagine running our business with anyone else. Maybe it was in the stars or maybe it was timing, but once we got started we had new found success and have never looked back.

We took the good and bad and decided that we would set ourselves apart basing our companies philosophy on integrity, honesty, and respect.  We will never work with someone we can’t match and we don’t sell “memberships” we provide a luxury service for upscale, intelligent and professional men and women who really want to find love.

Our ultimate goal is to leave a legacy that we love helping people in Orange County and Los Angeles find the one thing that matters most in life…love.  My partner and I love being matchmakers. It is our true passion.

For more info on matchmaking services orange county, follow our blog: OCDatingTips and our new website will be live 31 January 2014.

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