Corporate Social Media Policy

The rules of the road are changing and you want to make sure your staff knows what is expected of them and how to engage effectively and efficiently online. Let us use my experience to craft a social media strategy and policies that keep your team working efficiently and that avoid PR disasters.

Any smart company must adopt and adhere to a corporate social media policy to guide its staff and protect the repute of their brand. I help companies develop and implement comprehensive corporate social media policy. Do not expect your staff to intuitively know what is right and what is wrong when conducting themselves online. By developing a functional corporate social media policy and training, you will forward your brand’s message further and more effectively.“From my experience with Edwin, he is an astute marketer who really knows what he is talking about and who can demonstrate his command of the subject by increasing business volume for a company while making it look fairly easy. It is his skill in getting the end result that makes him invaluable to his clients. Over the years I learned the difference between wannabe marketers and those who were expert. Edwin most assuredly falls into the expert category.”

– Bill Johannesen, Management Consultant