Social Media/Social Networking

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” – William Butler Yeats

Do you require realistic, actionable social media/networking strategies and tactics that deliver measurable results? What are your plans for social media engagement? Do you have an overall strategy? Have you started a Facebook page, a blog, a You Tube channel and a Twitter account and now you’re scratching your head as to when it will render results? I can help.

As a marketing & leadership strategist well versed in the faced-paced world of social media, I love to assist, engage and train all levels of entrepreneurs and fellow business professionals on how to manage your social media presence. By truly nurturing a connection with your prospects and customers with content marketing, social media is a fast and reliable means to distribute your content and connect with people in a more meaningful way. I refer to myself as a strategist instead of consultant because I really want you to learn how to elevate your mind by educating you in how to perform in a strategic manner.

Corporate Social Media Policy
The rules of the road are changing and you want to make sure your staff knows what is expected of them and how to engage effectively and efficiently online. Let us use our experience to craft a strategy that keeps your team working efficiently and avoids PR disasters.“From my experience with Edwin, he is an astute marketer who really knows what he is talking about and who can demonstrate his command of the subject by increasing business volume for a company while making it look fairly easy. It is his skill in getting the end result that makes him invaluable to his clients. Over the years I learned the difference between wannabe marketers and those who were expert. Edwin most assuredly falls into the expert category.”

– Bill Johonnesson, Management Consultant