Professional Web Design

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” – David Ogilvy

The purpose of your website should be to develop more clientele and generate more revenue. All too often, websites are built to satisfy the design wishes of the owner or are the result of the “creative” team efforts, contributed by members who may not have been fully educated in sales and marketing techniques. This is why you need to seek a professional web design team that understands all the elements of online marketing.

An attractive websites does not equate being a successful website. Of course, we do not want a repulsive site and I am well aware that any website must be somewhat pleasing to the eye. You would be quite surprised that there are very simple looking websites that generate tens of thousands of dollars in monthly revenue, outperforming their competitors whose sites have garnered design awards. For example, look at Craigslist. Not very fancy, but extremely successful.

I work with a team of highly experienced design professionals who “reverse engineer” the construction of your website so as to usher in for you a higher level of revenue and more clientele. By developing a professional web design for your brand, you will attract more ideal clientele.

Let me conduct a 10-Point web analysis of your current site and demonstrate where your site’s strengths and weaknesses exist. By addressing what is weak and leveraging what is strong, we can dramatically increase your rankings on search engines. But more importantly, we can generate even more business and higher profits for your business.

“We have worked with Edwin Dearborn for several years. He has done a phenomenal job in marketing and promoting our multi-doctor Orange County spinal rehabilitation practice. We have worked with several advertising and marketing professionals over the years. Most are simply interested in ‘selling’ you the latest advertising gimmick of the week whether or not it makes any sense for your particular business or industry. I am most impressed with Ed’s ability to ‘diagnose’ the needs of his clients which he uses to develop a business-specific marketing and promotional plan. I would highly recommend Ed for the marketing and promotion needs of any business, big or small.”

– Dr. Ken Erickson, D.C., owner of Irvine Family Health Center