With a simple change of an age-old habit, I altered my marketing message strategy. It was obvious the moment I spotted it. I was trying to convince professionals that marketing delivered results, assuming that one and all expected or even desired results from their marketing.

In truth, very few professionals expect or demand tangible results from their own marketing message strategy. Those few who do expect results are driven by their own ambition to succeed. It is ambition that allows us to rise above barriers, problems, distractions, betrayal and disappointment. Steve Jobs ran into all those negative factors, yet rose above them to create one of the world’s most iconic brands, Apple. Mr. Jobs was clearly ambitious.

Know Your Public

All businesses and brands have a story. Your product or service has a reason for being, a perceived value to a bunch of individuals, which in public relations jargon, we refer to as a public. This public needs and wants to hear a truthful, convincing story. They want to hear it by the right person at the right time. Who but only the ambitious have the persistence to find, hone and communicate effectively their marketing message strategy to their public?

The ambitious are my public. Only the ambitious would succeed with my marketing strategies and tactics. So I started asking, “Are you ambitious?”

This question is powerful because the truly ambitious never hesitate to answer, and with undeniable conviction. The ones who are not ambitious lag, get frustrated or ask for further clarification. If they cannot give me a resounding “Yes” to a perfectly direct and simple question, I have my barometer as to their core dilemma.

Ambitious People Persist

Marketing requires persistence. So how could I ever expect to help someone generate results with marketing if they lack the very personal quality that will allow us to succeed?

Marketing Isn’t Magic, It’s An Applied Science

When I get the doubtful asking me in their skeptical tone, “So, what can you do for me?” I now tell them an honest answer: “Nothing, if you’re not ambitious.” You see, my decision was this: Do not try to convince the one that lacks ambition. Find the one who is.

Since that decision, I have grown, kept the vast majority of my clients – and all of them are expanding and growing their profits! Sure, we hit bumps along the way. But it is our mutual ambition that allows us to learn and ride over those bumps successfully. Ambitious people look, study, ask, listen, learn, review, change if needed, and most importantly, persist. They never stop until they reach success.

I am not Houdini, nor do I practice voodoo. But I am ambitious.

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