Here is your unconventional guide to my local business marketing services, as well as some great tips even if you never hire me to help you with your local marketing efforts. I refer to these actions as “unconventional” due to the fact too few small businesses actually implement all of them effectively.

If you own a small or local business, you need to be online and you have to avoid these common mistakes that almost every local and small business owner is making right now. With almost 600 million local searches being done on Google every single day, it’s absolutely vital for every small and local business to be online. It takes more than just setting up a website and Facebook page. In fact, you can actually explode your online marketing efforts without even having a website up.

I’m going to show you how you can easily take your local business and get it onto 5 different spots of Google’s first page anytime someone is doing a search for a business just like yours in Google. With my local business marketing services and tips, I’m going to list for you some really effective “How To” tips that you can do yourselves.

Best Local Business Marketing Services

This first technique is probably one that you’ve already heard of, and it’s getting your website ranked in Google for your desired key words. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to be number one, because you don’t. As long as you’re on the first page, you’re doing things right. When you do these other steps we’re about to go over, you’re going to find that your website will actually increase in rankings.

The second thing you need to do is get listed in as many free directory sites as you possibly can. When you’re filling out these free profiles, don’t forget to put your address down the exact same way you have it listed on your website. Also, you can add your website address right there in your profile. You’ll notice this will actually help increase your website ranking. My local business marketing services can handle this for you.

The third thing you can do is go to Google, do a search for key words in your area, try to find a business just like yours in Google, and then look through the results. Look for any directory site that’s already on the first page in Google. These are most likely going to be sites like Yelp, YellowPages, SuperPages, and CitySearch. Go ahead, go through these results and click on any directory sites that are already listed on the first page of Google. If they bring you to their own page of businesses in your area, then you know you need to be listed on those sites. Not only do you need to be listed, but you need to be ranking number one on those sites.

The reason this is so important, because they’re already on the first page of Google. If you rank number one on their site that is already on the first page of Google, you’re basically piggybacking off of their first page ranking. The work’s already done for you. They’re already on the first page. If you can rank high on their site, then you’re almost getting a first page ranking for free.

The fourth thing you need to do is sign up for Google My Business. Any time someone does a search in your area for a business just like yours, Google’s going to take these Google My Business listing and put them right on the first page. My local business marketing services can handle this for you.

The fifth way is to use Adwords. This is a paid advertising service, but you can actually pick the key words that you want your ad to come up for. It’s a guaranteed spot almost every single search.

The sixth method, which in my opinion is the most effective local business marketing method, is getting your video ranked in Google with optimized content. The problem with this is most people don’t know how to do this or they don’t know how to do it effectively. When they try, they usually get it wrong. That’s why I’ve put together this blog post; to show local business owners just like you how to properly leverage each one of these methods, including video marketing.

My Local Business Marketing Services

With my local business marketing services, I have many additional methods that I deploy to help any local business to get onto the first page of Google which I not cover in this blog article. The cool thing about all these methods is that I actually tested them. I know that they work. You guys are going to be pretty surprised at how easy it can be to generate more inbound leads and ideal customers.

Contact me for a free discovery call to see if we are a right fit for each. Let me help you to grow your local business.

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