Without question, Twitter seems to be the one social media platform that local business marketing efforts seems to escape. Small business owners tend to favor Facebook when marketing with social media. In my opinion, Twitter has not done a good job of reaching out and educating small businesses and entrepreneurs on how to fully utilize Twitter’s capabilities to generate new clientele locally. I want to share with you some local marketing ideas utilizing Twitter in a way that is not only effective, but fairly easy to do.

Twitter Is For Real

While Twitter does not have the “eyeball time” and large fan base as Facebook or YouTube, it is nonetheless an effective and serious platform to reach out and connect with your local area. Those who are active on Twitter are quite active and vocal. Moreover, studies show that those active on Twitter are also active with blogging and other social media platforms. In other words, reaching to those active people on Twitter can help you connect with more clients. And once they are doing business with you, they rapidly convert into “Brand Advocates” with substantial word-of-mouse influence. Twitter also represents an effective marketing channel to share coupons, announce new products or services, as well as share links to videos, articles and generate feedback from clientele.

It Starts With Education

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anything seems difficult and useless when you do not know how to utilize it. To become effective and competent at any endeavor, it requires know-how and practice. I suggest that you not only obtain a copy of The Tao Of Twitter and read it, but to also engage with this social media platform for 15-30 minutes per day. Read a bit, then engage by tweeting. By going back and forth with your study and practice, gaining more knowledge and experience along the way, over a short period of time you’ll become quite effective with Twitter.

Local Marketing Tools

There are few tools that help you to tap into your local area, marketing yourself and your enterprise. In fact, Twitter can help you target with amazing precision, as well as build lists of important people and clients. Here are some Twitter marketing tools for your use:

Twellow.com – Twellow is a directory of public Twitter accounts, with hundreds of categories and search features to help you find people who matter to you. You can find Twitter users by city, as well as by city and interest. So, this becomes a very effective way to connect with specific people.

Tweet.Grader.com – By clicking onto the Twitter Elite button on the top right hand side of their site, you can locate top tweeters in your area. What a great group of people to connect up with and send personal offers of a free sample, a link to your video or just to say hello.

LocalChirps.com – This service allows you to find tweeters by zip code.

WeFollow.com – Their promise to to help you find prominent people who associate themselves with keywords and subject matters.

Traackr.com – This service allows you to quickly find social influencers and create lists of relevant people for every influencer marketing project.

Hashtags – The # symbol, known as a Hashtag, allows one to track people who identify themselves around a word that is has a hashtag attached before it. For instance, I live in Orange County, CA and it is quite popular to announce local news and businesses offerings with #OrangeCounty or #OC.

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