LinkedIn marketing an hour a day opens the door to developing great connections to the very individuals and leaders that you want to reach and influence.

Social media is not about selling; but connecting and providing value and help. While you have the ultimate purpose to conduct business with your LinkedIn marketing efforts, realize that you want to connect with people in a manner that is professional and conversational. Just as you don’t want to be pitched by someone you just met, neither do other people.

If I were forced to choose between using only one social networking site for my business, from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites, I would choose LinkedIn, without question.  I still leverage these other social networking sites, but LinkedIn is by far the most powerful for B2B networking and your career.


Social media is not a magic bullet. It is a powerful way to connect directly with the people that make decisions related to your products and services. It is free and quite powerful when leveraged correctly and consistently. But it will take some effort and time on your part, just like everything else in business.

“A personal LinkedIn profile is commonly viewed as an online resume or digital business card, and using it for that is a good start.” – Jeff Korhan

There are going to be a number of ways that you will become familiar with and more proficient with LinkedIn. First, you simply follow the steps that I have listed below. Secondly, you should read some basic books on the subject, such as “Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales & Social Media Marketing”, by Neil Schaffer. You should also watching some short “how to” videos on YouTube. Simply use the YouTube search bar and type in “LinkedIn tutorial” and there will be plenty of insightful videos on how to set up your profile, how to connect with people, and much more.

And lastly, you need to engage with your LinkedIn marketing efforts on a daily basis. At first, it will be difficult as you are learning a new tool and LinkedIn does possess many intricate and powerful features. The more you use it and the more you educate yourself concurrently, you will find it easier and easier to leverage as a marketing and sales platform. In a matter of months, LinkedIn will become an integral part of your marketing and sales routine with very little effort or stress.

LinkedIn Marketing An hour A Day: 9 Basic Steps

  1. Set up your profile with your professional photo, company name, experience, etc. This video will help you do that effectively.
  2. Start connecting with people that you want to reach. You can search for them by name and by industry, but also LinkedIn will begin to suggest people to you once you select your first person to connect with. The key here is to only send invites to your target audience. Another way to connect is to go through your business cards, business journals, blogs, etc., and locate their names with the LinkedIn search bar. Most likely they are there on LinkedIn and you can now connect with them.
  3. You can use LinkedIn’s default invite message, or you can customize it. While customizing it takes more time and effort, it can pay off as those that you reach out to will see that your message is personal.
  4. Once they accept your connection request, LinkedIn will notify you by email.
  5. Now that you are connected, you can begin the conversation. Make sure that it is not “salesy” or aggressive. Now people do expect you to talk about business with them on LinkedIn, because it is all about that. But again, be professional. Your goal is to see what they need and want and how you can serve those needs with your products and services.
  6. On their contact section of their own LinkedIn page, their email address and phone will most likely be posted. Not everyone loads these contacts onto their page, but if they do, forward that contact data to your email data base and CRM software.  This will be important to ensure that in the future they will be receiving your company’s email blasts of your content.
  7. Set aside at least an hour a day, every day, to connect with your target audience. I suggest that you quota yourself on how many people that you will connect with and help. Realize that you cannot keep connecting with people endlessly, as LinkedIn has a limit on a daily basis. But, If you connected with 30 people per day, 5 days a week, you would have 7,200 people in your data base (per sales person) within one year.
  8. Post content once or twice every day. This can be inspirational quotes, industry news (other people’s content) or your own content. This keeps you visible and in the forefront of people’s attention. The best times to post content on LinkedIn is right before 9 am and right after 6 pm.
  9. Spend a few minutes looking at other peoples content. If you feel inspired, feel free to LIKE their content, COMMENT on it, or even SHARE it to your feed. Social media is about being conversational, engaging and human.

LinkedIn Marketing An Hour A Day

Ultimately people do business with people, so make sure that you always have a relationship-focused mindset on LinkedIn. LinkedIn members are there to develop and grow their professional network and gain valuable insights.

Don’t ever spam or make public sales pitches on LinkedIn. Always be professional and you will be very successful in marketing your business.

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