As a Life Coach of Orange County, my wife Carlie Dearborn, has enjoyed helping hundreds of people in her 10+ years in coaching and counseling. Carlie is the President or Athena Personal Development & Coaching in Tustin, CA. As a life coach of Orange County, she possesses a purpose to empower women to become better people, business owners, wives and mothers.

Her life coaching journey started before Carlie and I were married in 2000. She studied diligently over the years , learning crucial and life-changing processes and tools that she had been searching for for quite some time. As a result, she has been able to help hundreds upon hundreds of people with their marriages, self-confidence, stress, detox issues and a whole host of problem that seem to affect us all.

Carlie Understands The Challenges A Professional Women Faces

Since being married, Carlie and I have started our own family and now have two wonderful, bright and energetic children. As a business owner and Life Coach, Carlie enjoys a busy and sometimes hectic life here in Orange County. And even still, she continues her studies in all fields of life, including business, personal development, spirituality, health & wellness and the various techniques and methodologies that help elevate her wisdom, health and happiness.

She loves working with professional women who have an ambition to become a better person and a more enlightened spirit. She has an all-denominational approach to her spiritual coaching, believing that your belief in God is a personal choice. Regardless of one’s faith or religious affiliation, she respects all people, seeing that we all possess goodness and are trying to live a better, happier life. Women have unique problems and even though Orange County, CA has great weather, the beaches and much financial opportunity, it can be a rat race where we can lose our spirituality and our self-esteem.

As A Life Coach Of Orange County, Carlie Recognizes An Individual’s Unique Spirit

As a Life Coach who lives and understands the unique spiritual challenges of living and trying to succeed in Orange County, CA, she awaits to offer her help and consul to those who seek a higher level of satisfaction. Feel free to contact her for a free one-hour consultation. Talk over coffee and discuss your life, your challenges, your personal goals, as well as the ideal state of living that you would like to see yourself living.

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