Are you looking to get better online reviews for your business? Would you like to implement a simple social media strategy that could harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing?

Social Media Strategy: Offering Incentives

The easiest way to get people involved in sharing your business, their positive experiences and otherwise tapping into the power of social media, you need to develop a social media strategy of offering incentives. What I suggest is that you have some type of points system and a monthly reward or drawing for those who generate the most check-ins and reviews.

One coffee shop in Orange County, The Lost Bean, offers a 10% discount on your order if you check in on Facebook or Yelp while you are there. Similarly, your company could generate some fairly creative ideas so as to reward check-ins, positive online reviews and inspiring your clientele in sharing with their social network of friends and followers. This truly is a proactive and inexpensive social media strategy for powerful word-of-mouth marketing. With hundreds of visitors per day, these existing clients potentially could spread the word to thousands, even tens of thousands of others, per day.

Online Reviews For Business

I have met many small business owners who are frustrated that Yelp and Google+ hide many of their positive reviews and showcase a few bad ones. While they will not admit it, Yelp somehow “magically” makes the other positive reviews appear when you start paying their monthly highway robbery fee. While Yelp will tell you that there are uncontrollable forces that determine your reviews, realize that their software was programmed by Yelp.

I tell my clients to keep encouraging more and more positive reviews on Yelp and Google+, to challenge the bad ones that you think are incorrect, but to also develop a social media strategy that puts you in the drivers seat. Real time marketing is just as powerful as online reviews. Having people check-in and to share their positive experiences, as they are occurring, offers you a powerful means of generating online business reviews that too few utilize as a social media strategy.

Referrals Are Best

We all know that referrals make for our best clients. By offering incentives for your clients to check-in and to share their real-time reviews, experiences and even photo’s, you can generate a continuous stream of word-of-mouth buzz and thus turn your clients into online evangelists.

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